This week, we welcome Doug Millar to select for our Dusk Dubs Sunday Mixtape Series.

"I feel very humble to be asked to contribute to the list of Dusk Dubs compilations. I love  the concept behind Dusk Dubs and all it stands for.

It is something greater than music ( if that is possible). It resonates love, people’s journeys in life and how people still have a values to make this world a better place. My list of songs is designed to give thanks to the people I love."​ [[DOUG]]


1. Stevie Wonder – Love Having You Around
2. Kamasi Washington – Integrity
3.J Dilla – Workinonit
4. LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
5. Gino Vannelli – Love & Emotion
6. Matthew E White – Rock n Roll is Cold
7. Quantic & Alice Russell – Travelling Song
8. The Cinematic Orchestra – Evolution
9. Radiohead – Desert Island Disk
10. Gary Clark – Nancy
11. Floating Points – Silhouttes
12. Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson – This is a Prayer for everybody
13. Bjork – Cosmogony
14. Portishead – Strangers
15. Pat Metheny – Above the Treetops
16. Bill Withers – Sweet Wanomi
17. The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
18. Tom Waits – I Beg Your Pardon Dear 
19. Tom Misch (featuring Loyle Carner) - Water Baby
20. Georgie Fame – Peaceful

Stevie Wonder – Love Having You Around – Christmas 1975. My older brother Craig bought me Music of My Mind. H e was playing it in the lead up to Christmas on his Headphones and saying how good is this record. This is the opening song announcing a new phase in Stevie’s musical career. He was at the peak of his powers in the 1970’s. Peerless

Kamasi Washington – This man is an innovator. This song has so much warmth and humanity. I pay this as a tribute to all people who have shown integrity in times of great difficulty and hardship. I am thinking of Stephen Proctor. I am thinking of Tommy and Jon and all the people who live their life with a moral code. Do not accept mediocrity and bullshit.

J Dilla – Workinonit -Tommy talked about his love for J Dilla. I love early 10CC. A Win Win Situation Ensues.

LCD Soundsystem – Something Great. My son Lee has introduced to Techno Music. This is a good thing. Keep an open mind, This song is not strictly techno, but it reminds me of Lee and Wilson Logan doing their stuff. Quite inspirational for a 58 year old geezer.

Gino Vannelli – Love & Emotion – There was a record shop in Dundee called RG Forbes in the late 1970’s. Big Rob Adam was a great inspiration. He introduced me and my brothers to some amazing music. Steely Dan, The Crusaders, Johnny Guitar Watson, Patrice Rushen, Weather Report, Rufus, Ronnie Foster, etc. This is a song from the Brother to Brother LP and a tribute to Tom and Craig. My Brothers.

Matthew E White. Rock N Roll is Cold – I love this. It has an early Roxy feel, It has soul and humour. It makes me do some bad dad dancing on the top of a garden table. Even Bez would be thinking “ What the F---”

Quantic & Alice Russell – Travelling Song. A criminally underrated LP. Checked this out on the basis of a review in Mojo. Goldfrapp are similarly undervalued.

The Cinematic Orchestra – Evolution – I heard this on my car radio one night on a BBC Scotland Jazz Programme. From the first notes...... you just know...... Stop the car....... Listen....... Take a note of who it is...... been a fan ever since.

Radiohead – Desert Island Disk – So I voted Yes for Scotland to become an Independent Nation in 2014. This was not an easy decision. Not least because I love England. I posed a question at a debate in a pub about how we would manage our relationship with our neighbours , if Scotland was to become independent. I don’t love everything about England.... but what about the culture. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like Little Scotlanders or Little Englanders. We are all citizens of the world. This song comes up with the refrain of hope “ a different kind of love is possible”..... and is pertinent in this time of Brexit, austerity, Chump and Rasputin.

Gary Clark – Nancy – Probably my favourite lyric to a song. I have worked with care experienced young people for a long time. I am currently working in a Primary School in Dundee. Some children and young people just need love.

Floating Points – Silhouttes – I think Miles Davis would have like dto worked with these guys if he was still alive,

Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson – This is a prayer for everybody in the world. I read a review of this record by Vivien Goldman in the NME in 1978. She said , “This is a beautiful record”. She was right. I think Tony Bennett should cover this. I was at Glastonbury in 1995 and hoped to see Gil on the Sunday evening. He did not show... Spearhead extended their set. They were good...... but Gil..... man.

Bjork – Cosmogony – Bjork is a marmite artist. This is genius. I saw this on Later. It conjurs images of the beginning of the world.

Portishead – Strangers – I attended T in the Park in 1998 on a Sunday. It pissed down all day. Trench foot was a possibility. Portishead were headlining in a big tent. I took refuge in the tent. My spirits were revived by watching this great band. They rocked. Beth Gibbons was sexy and owned the stage. I was on a high after the Gig. It was the day of the world cup final , Brazil v France. I was trying to avoid the score. I got back to Dundee, still on a high. The heavens opened . I refused to get in a taxi and walked home still thinking about that Gig.

Pat Metheny – Above the Treetops – I met my friend Peter Allan. We found out we had a similar taste in music. He is a massive Pat fan. He wrote a song for my wedding. A really nice song.

Bill Withers – Sweet Wanomi – I was on my first holiday with Karen in Bordrum in Turkey. We found this bar with a beautiful sea view and stunning coastline. A Bill Withers compilation was playing. Bill has a simple and profound way of expressing his music. This song reminds me of a special time with my beautiful wife.

The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever – I was aged 13. It was a Sunday. Ii heard my brother playing this weird song. I loved it. Who is that? Its the Beatles. Your kidding. My knowledge of the Beatles was very limited . I wanna hold your hand and yellow submarine. We had bowls with we used for breakfast, soup and pudding with pictures of the Beatles from 1963.. One by one we broke the bowls. Used to fight with my brothers over who got the Beatles bowl. This song opened up my world.

Tom Waits – I beg your pardon dear. This is from the Soundtrack to “ One from the Heart” a Francis Ford Coppola musical. Some moments of greatness in this film. My mum and dad loved this song. I owe a debt of gratitude to them for ontroducing me to some great music. My dad always liked singers who had the “ smoke2.

Tom Misch ( featuring Loyle Carner) – Water Baby – Always look to discover new music. This is released from this year. Could someone tell me what song is sampled on this song. Minnie Riperton?

Georgie Fame – Peaceful – This song is me..... or I like to think it is.

Big Hugs Fae Doug X