Dusk Dubs is here with a special that we felt important to do. We are about the music, the honestly of it. We’re about bringing people together, and introducing each other to music that we wouldn’t normally hear. Education. 

Most importantly, we’re a family. Men, women, North, South, UK, USA, Europe, Japan....we’re all together in this.


Tonight, the mixtape comes from the demographic we don’t rep too often. And that is one of the younger generation. These guys are no different to us veterans. They have to put up with the same bullshit in the music industry that we do. They find their niches like we do. They have music that they love, that moves them and that reminds them of good people and good times..... like we do.


This Dusk Dubs Mixtape comes from Jack Fisk AKA Shooter Sharp JJ. The son of #duskdubs original selector, CD poster, and all round ledge Depoeism. 

Shooter Sharp JJ is an original selector, well in his own right. And if this mixtape is anything to go by, we predict a massive future, but one thing to remember yeah.....we saw him first!




Here are a few words from the man himself:


“I was inspired to make a #DuskDubs from listening to the recent and older releases and I wanted to make one from the perspective of a teenager. Hope you enjoy my small #DuskDubs selection. Thank you for giving me this opportunity”……




1- Dubplate Special - ( feat. Darrison) Netsky
2- Twilight - Subfocus 
3- Big BW - Fat Freddys Drop
4- Lord forgive me ( interlude ) Krept and Konan
5- 2 is 8 - Lone
6- Single petal of a rose - Goldie
7- Freeway - Flux Pavillion