Volume 7 of our #DuskDubs series comes from a very special lady. The one and only Linda Graham, aka Mrs G. We can’t tell you enough how much we’ve been on at her to do this as we knew her selections would be amazing. And true to form, she comes through with a jazz breaks infused blend of pure chilled vibes.... a perfect showcase for Dusk Dubs. 

It’s not surprising. At an early age, she worked countless hours simply just to get enough money for the raves, hitting every big one between ’93 and ’95. She has a wealth of tapes and constantly finds music that puts her back in that place and time she first heard that tune playing. Mrs G is perfect for Dusk Dubs, it’s fair to say music is her life, and it makes her the amazing woman she is. Much loved by her family, the extended #RCFF family, and now, we are really proud to have her in the #duskdubs family as well!

So, I give you the First Lady of Dusk Dubs........Mrs G


Find her here : twitter.com/Linda76Graham
And check her excellent vibes here : @lindag76


As always, catch us most nights on twitter via #DuskDubs ... and feel free to get involved.


Below is a word from this week’s selector herself:

‘ Let me share with you some of my all time favourite tracks to chill out to...heavily inspired by the mighty 4Hero with just a little sprinkle of Jamiroquai thrown in for good measure.

4Hero always has the ability to lift my mood and take me somewhere magical...I hope you, the listener, enjoy this addition of #DuskDubs just as much as I do! Perfect for chilling at the end of a hard day! Big up Marc Mac, Dego and of course Mr Jason Kay ’


1 : LTJ Bukem (Feat Elliot) - Sunrain 
2 : 4Hero - Conceptions 
3 : 4Hero feat Patricia Marx - Unique 
4 : 4Hero - The Action (Visioneers Remix) 
5 : 4Hero - Universal Reprise
6 : 4Hero feat Jill Scott - Another Day 
7 : 4Hero & Lady Alma - Sink or Swim (No choice for me)
8 : Jamiroquai - Didjital Vibrations 
9 : Jamiroquai - Destitute Illusions 
10 : 4Hero - We who are not as Other (Jazzanova Remix)
11 : 4 Hero & Ursula Rucker - Loveless