Volume 8 of our #DuskDubs series comes from a Danny Mac. A dedicated lover of pretty much every genre of electronic music. Whether it's Hardcore/Jungle from his days spent at "Orange" at the Astoria, or more recently Techno (inspired by one of the true originators of the genre, Derrick May). His influences and inspirations are right across the board. One of the most musically informative guys you will find. He just as likely to drop comments about a house set, as he is to be commenting on Gil Scott Heron.


So when we managed to get him to do a Dusk Dubs selection, we knew it would be a treat. Not only have we got a ridiculously good volume to add to the collection, but a new word to describe the very sounds Danny has given us has been created...... ‘Chuggers’. These tunes, ‘chug’ along, in their own world, and when you listen to them, you’ll be ‘chugging’ along in your own world as well! Perfect!


Find him here : twitter.com/chocky73


As always, catch us most nights on twitter via #DuskDubs ... and feel free to get involved.


Below is a word from this week’s selector himself:

‘All these selections are heavily influenced by Andrew Wetherall's ‘A Love From Outer Space’ sets. After seeing him live at Bestival, it had a profound effect on me, maybe it was the music maybe it was the Lysergic Adventure???


Whatever it was I've been chugging along ever since.


Massive shout out to Gidman for holding my hand through the process.



1 : Wattstax Address by Jesse Jackson
2 : Fort Romeau – Stay True
3 : Rompante – How Low Can You Dance
4 : Offset – Subversive 
5 : The Neville Brothers – Son’s and Daughters
6 : Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray 
7 : Bostro Pesopeo - Basic
8 : Bill Withers – Who Is He (and what is he to you)
9 : Marco Dassi – Amigdala (Mushroom Project Remix)
10 : Delia Derbyshire – Love Without Sound