This week we are treated to a heavy weight Dusk Dubs special from Kole.

Kole is a techno DJ and producer and a driving force behind Cassini Music. 

He is found creating incredible mixes and mind blowing sets that destroy the dance floor. Leaning on the more industrial techno vibe, Kole is capable of shaking your mind (not to mention the club), often building sounds on 4 decks at once. But although Kole is a massive techno head, he has an incredible taste for many forms of music. As his selections for this mixtape show. Beginning with the sounds of J Dilla and Ice Cube, moving into some serious grime, and then that space infused deep, trippy vibe setting the scene before he unleashes his soul through pulsating, hypnotic techno vibes. This is a Dusk Dubs selection that will blow your mind. Fact!


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Below is a word from this week’s selector himself:


‘A few of these tracks are a million miles away from the usual Kole sound. Given an opportunity like this however, I felt it would be criminal to ignore some much loved tracks from other genres. This playlist brings back many memories and includes tracks which can send shivers down my spine. As well as those which force me to lose myself on the dance floor!

I hope you enjoy it!’


1. So Far To Go Ft. Common And D'angelo - J Dilla 
2. It Was a Good Day - Ice Cube 
3. Skeng ft.Killa P, Flowdan - The Bug 
4. Bam Bam - Sister Nancy 
5. Choice – Perc
6. Hatch The Plan - Andy Stott 
7. Arx - Tommy Four Seven 
8. Stuf ist Trumpf! - Solofas 
9. Estragon - Berghson 
10. Hungry Dub - Advanced Human 
11. Corpus Delecti - Chris Page
12. Des Stabes Reuse - Paul Kalkbrenner
13. Lost Without G (Digital Bonus) - AnD