This week, we are treated to the crate of techno smasher Tightpoint. What hits you straight away, is the sheer expression of these selections. As a resident for Cassini in Manchester, Tightpoint is known for huge 4 deck techno sets. So we genuinely didn’t know what to expect to see land in the studio this week. But, as Dusk Dubs proves again, this is a platform for people to express themselves in a way no one has seen before. Tightpoint show’s us a side of his musical repertoire that is simply mind blowing. Rolling basslines, 140bpm breaks, pure musical imagery. 


Proving that good dubstep is very much alive, well, and still at the forefront of all that is good in music. 

One word was flying around the Dusk Dubs team this week...... WOW!


You can find out more about Tightpoint and Cassini here :


As always, catch us most nights on twitter via #DuskDubs ... and feel free to get involved.


Below is a word from this week’s selector himself:


‘Duskdubs. What does it mean? 

That's the question you have to consider when you are asked to do this mixtape.

My answer?

Thick, hypnotic, rolling tunes. Music that envelops you and takes you out of yourself. Aural treacle. Fat, bass heavy sounds peppered with tripped out percussion, vocals, synths.

A sonic expedition with no end. 

That's how I see #duskdubs. I hope you like my small part in it.’


2562 – Theorem
Timeblind – Rising Lee
Spatial – 70810
Kahn – Polar
Elgato – Luv Zombie
LV & Untold – Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix)
Ruckspin – Belong
Akkord – Compound
Trusta – Hypnotic
Ramadanman – Glut
Goldie – Timeless (SBTRKT Edit)