This week we are very blessed to bring you DZG303 aka Gary C (Folkestone Crew). DZG303 is a massive part of the Duskdubs movement, providing full support, not to mention posting countless tunes that epitomises the Dusk Dubs ethos. This week, my speakers have been tested to full capacity, and I am expecting an eviction notice as we have had these records on very, very..... very loud! But, well worth it I say!


Find him here :


As always, catch us most nights on twitter via #DuskDubs ... and feel free to get involved.


Below, are a few words from this week’s selector, and the records featured in this week’s mixtape, plus a great write up on each from the man himself:


‘Firstly thanks for the opportunity to submit a volume of #DuskDubs. It's an honour to do so.


My musical tastes really started when Gidman & I first heard Electro in the early 80's and have been hooked on electronic music ever since.

Groups and artists such as Yello, Kraftwerk, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Orb, The Residents.... I could go on forever! have influenced not only me but countless artists preceding them.


From the early Electro days we went on to Hip Hop (80's proper stuff!) onto Acid, House, Techno, Rave, Hardcore, Jungle and on and on. Still love them all….. Nowadays my music is as diverse and eclectic as it could be.

Long live #DuskDubs and massive, massive big ups to the whole family, you know who you are.


Special thanks to my brother Gidman & Harrison for bringing it all together.



It’s a privilege to submit a mix tape for the mighty DuskDubs crew. For my selection I've gone for a more Electronic flavour. Enjoy... ’


1. Introduction Dub - Meat Beat Manifesto. Released on Quatermass in 2004 from the album In Dub. The title says it all really.


2. D.U.B. Dub - Jack Danger. Released on Shadow Records in 2001 from the album Hello Friends, a mix album by mr. Dangers from Meat Beat. The don of electronic sonics. Produced by Ben Stokes also from Meat Beat and D.H.S.


3. Wilmot Edit - The Sabres of Paradise. Released on Warp Records in 1994 as a single. Love the soundscapes in this one.


4. Fussball (instrumental) - The Orb. Released on Cooking Vinyl in 2013 from the album More Tales From the Observatory. Dr.Alex Patterson comes correct with some awsome Dub business. I prefer the instrumental versions of this album, kind of takes you away.


5. Gamma Goblins (It's Turtles All The Way Down Mix) - Hallucinogen. Released on Twisted Recordds in 2002 from the album In Dub. The original double album was a goa trance affair on pink and green vinyl which is excellent in it's own right but the In Dub version is a must. Quality stuff.


6. Echo In Space Dub - Meat Beat Manifesto. Released on Quatermass Records in 2004. Again from the Album In Dub. Can you tell I like Meat Beat manifesto??? What more can I say Jack Dangers on the buttons, the mad EMS Synthi100. Only a very few working models left. Respect due. Nuff said.


7. Regiment - Brian Eno & David Byrne. From the album My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. Originally released in 1981 but Remastered and expanded in 2006 on Nonesuch Records. An amazing album from Talking Heads front man, and former Talking Heads producer, Brian Eno.


8. Talisman - Boddhi Satva. Released on 10" Vinyl on Yoruba Records in 2007. A really nice Deep Housey Dub stylee'


9. Dark Soul AIFF - Broken. Released on Fat Records in 2006 on 12. I just love the deep atmospheric baseline and bluesy dub influence on this tune.


10. No Secrets No Surprises - Jack Dangers. Released on Bella Union Records in 2002 from the album Variaciones Espectrales. Another banger from mr. Dangers.


11. Rootsy Potato (Ten Pints of Bitter) - DJ Elected. Released on 7" vinyl on Sirkus Recordings in 2007. A blinder sampling Rooty Toot Manuva's Witness the Fitness, which I love as well.


12. International Reprise - Meat Beat Manifesto. Released on Metropolis Records in 2008 from the album Autoimmune. Again Meat Beat pushes the boundaries of electronic sound to the max.


13. Call To Arms - Harmonic 313. Released on Warp Records in 2009 from the album When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence. Mark Prichard on the buttons an essential album.


14. Education - Digital Mystikz. Released on DMZ Records in 2010 on 12. Wicked beats and baseline , had to include this one.


15. The Dip - A Guy Called Gerald. Released on Laboratory Records in 2010 from the 12" series Tronic Jazz The Berlin Sessions. This one from Vol.3. Gerald does the Business with some lovely swirling spacey sounds.

16. Said Speed - Afica Hitech. Released on Warp Records in 2010 on 12. Mark Pritchard again on the button alongside Steve White with a monster dub infused Baseline. love it to the bone.