This week we have the pleasure in presenting 10inchpress, a loyal supporter of the #DuskDubsmovement. The ‘Oldschool’ runs deep in 10inchpress, but as you will see from his selections, he has created an amazing journey with his musical choices which are diverse and consistently push at the #DuskDubs envelope….


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Here are a few words from the man himself :


'My musical journey first started on hearing Cubic 22 - Night in Motion in a grubby club under a crazy strobe, but, I was drawn hook line and sinker!, I started going to local raves in my area, Sterns in Worthing, STORM! and Bedrock on Hastings pier. I quickly realised that the UK Jungle sound was my direction, buying on sight labels like Reinforced, Ibiza, Suburban Base and Production House. In 1992 I went to probably the best two nights of my life Fantazia Summertime and Book of Love. I now found myself travelling around the UK going to various raves and at the same time buying tunes from Lucky Spin, Blackmarket, and Frontier my home town record shop. I was doing mix tapes for my friends, which I had named DARKNESS, and played out at a couple of small parties.


In 1993 I was now travelling up to London to nights at Rocket, Desire, Camden Palace and the mighty Lazerdrome!!! In 1995 I changed my direction and went headlong into the Metalheadz sound and would be found in Blue Note on Sunday!! After this I went to everything Metalheadz practically did in London and the South-East!!


However, I would always gravitate back to Hastings pier as my mate Jim The FriendlyPiranha (DANGEROUS, HEAT, PURE SCIENCE) was running some major parties!!!


I love this music so much me and my missus got engaged at Metalheadz in 2003!!


Currently I’m buying more pieces of blackwax, it’s a habit I have had since 1991 so I don't think it is gonna go away quickly, but, since being recommended to listen to Uncle Dugs by Jim on the premise "Dugs is this mad geezer who plays loads of old skool and does wicked interviews" - I have found like minded people who love this music.....


As you can see, I am from a hardcore/ jungle & drum and bass background musically and to most people outside the scene they would consider our music to be throw away with no real depth and fuelled only by drugs…


Once you get past the original euphoria of the old skool days, and take a step back from the raves, and allow yourself to listen the tracks that scene has produced, it is only then you learn how great the music is and how it can open new doors to many other sounds and genres. …..


I have followed DuskDubs from the start, so to be invited to select a mixtape was an honour, however, a challenge with the past volumes being so diverse in their individual sounds.


The tracks below are tracks that I found from listening to the music I love, simple!......My DuskDubs.'


Black Dog - Virtual
Brian Eno - Sparrowfall II
Burial - Forgive
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi - Coco Dub [Afrociberdelia] 
Digital - Down Under 
Herbie Hancock - Be Still 
Japan - Ghosts 
Lemon Sol - Sunflash 
Mobb Deep - Survival the Fittest (Remix) 
Nine - Make or Take 
Old Man Diode - Open Blue ft. Beth Rowley (Om Unit Remix) 
Samaris – Góða Tungl (Agzilla Remix)