For Volume 26, we have Lumanikus from USA. He has been at us for ages to do another volume, so we felt the time was right. Being a Chicago lad, its no suprise that these selections are of a 'house' background. Not the normal Dub Infused selection we are used to, but, we do like to keep you on your toes.


Find him here : @lumanikus


As always, catch us most nights on twitter via #DuskDubs ... and feel free to get involved. 

Below, are a few words from this week’s selector :


'This selection may cause involuntary head bobbing, violent upward mood swings and unplanned pregnancy. Please listen responsibly.'


1. Ross Couch - Somebody Like You (Original Mix)
2. Years & Years - Traps (Armeria Remix)
3. John Monkman feat. Liz Cass - The Unknown
4. Flow & Zeo - Chicago
5. St. Germain - My Mama Said 
6. The xx - Chained (Liar Remix)
7. FKJ - Lying Together (Edward Newgate Remix)
8. Tajan & fwdslxsh - Beautiful
9. Booker T Feat.Katherine Ellis-Give Me Joy (Deep City Soul Bump Mix)