Tom Dasein is a Manchester based producer and DJ that has ridden the waves of electronic music. With his open minded mentality to sound, he has always strived to take inspiration from anywhere he can find it, but admittedly he has always had a more of an inclination to the more Bass end of the musical spectrum.

With the onset of his first digital release on his own imprint Humble Pie records, soon to launch with label mate Memphis Glass, his more club orientated productions that span from House, Post-Dubstep and into Deep Techno, are soon to find their outlet. 

With his recent linking up with the Cassini collective in his hometown Manchester, the future looks bright for this individual, so stay tuned!

Here is a few words from this week's selector:


'I’d like to thank Dusk Dubs for asking me to select for this week’s show. It was an honour to be asked to put a set together and it has been a pleasure to select the tracks. It took quite a while to compile the set, as I wanted to make sure the mix as diverse as possible and that it reflected the variety of Electronic and Dub orientated music that have been a source of inspiration for me. It also seemed like a good idea to maybe expand the listener’s ears into new territories and to stick in a few rare tracks from my collection that are possibly unfamiliar.

I’ve also tried to bring in tracks that have caught my attention due to their production aesthetics and that are as deeply emotive as possible, even if the method has been subliminal. I have always been a believer that music and sound should have the power to touch in some way, as for me that is what it has and always will be about. I hope I have achieved that with this mix, enjoy the selection!'






Actress - Tree of Knowledge
Floating Points - Mind
Lapalux - Quartz
Flying Lotus - Sangria Spin Cycles
Samiyam - Return
Dr. Tirric - Jalapenos
Scientist - Dance of the Vampires
King Tubby - Drumilly Rock Dub
Matumbi - Rock
Nucleus Roots - Deep Dub
Peverelist - Gather
Kowton - Hunger
Martyn - Velvet
Mala - Como Como (Theo Parrish Edit)
Calibre - These Few
Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub
MLZ - NewAnalogueCentury
Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Blue
Arpanet - Infinite Density
2562 - The Times