Micade has been a Producer and DJ we've been wanting on board for some time. As a DJ, he manages to create incredible vibes, as a producer he has managed to do what many dream of...and that is to create his own very recognisable sound. It can only be described as the Micadian sound. To us, its funk, its energy, its sheer class. Micade also creates all his own sounds from scratch, again, showing what a dedicated and hard working guy he is. on a personal note, Micade is a huge supporter of others. He trawls places searching for new artists, offering encouragement. Its fair to say he's a positive man. All praise he receives is thoroughly deserved. So, We give you...the electrofunky alien that is Micade!


"When I was first asked to do a selection for the Duskdubs series, I thought about the concept for quiet a while & eventually, came to the conclusion that it signifies a time when all you felt like, was just chilling. I was reminded of my days playing at the dingiest nightclub, tucked away in the worst part of Johannesburg for extra cash, getting to play, not the normal stomping house I was used to, but a more laidback trip-hop vibe, well into the morning. Not surprising then that a lot of the tracks I chose are from the mid 90’s a time when I got back home, the next day many a time, under the weather so to speak…;-) & these tracks hit a cord with me then and still do, to this day….So enjoy the vibe…;-) I included one of my tracks in the selection, merely because it was made as a tribute to the laidback days."




1: Boom Boom Satellites - On The Painted Desert (DJ Krush Remix)

2: Oversoul 7 - Nothing like tomorrow

3: Crustation – Purple

4: V-Love - The Wilderness

5: Sofa rockers - sofa surfers remix by richard dorfmeister

6: Alex Gopher - The Child

7: Dj Food- Turtle soup (Wagon Christ Mix)

8: The Mighty Bop - Feeling good

9: Funki Porcini - Long Road

10: Dj Krush - On the Dubble

11: Micade - Big hairy balls (Original mix)

12: 9 Lazy 9 - Electric Lazyland