This week.....I step up and hopefully do this incredible, worldwide family proud. Words cannot describe how much Dusk Dubs is more than a mix series. It really is a family. Every picture I see of someone wearing the name, every tweet I see with it mentioned, every conversation I hear, just makes me feel blessed. 

We have something honest, pure and wholesome that is our sacred home away from the fakery and flashing lights that we care not for. Our records have come to life again. 

Thank you to all the Dusk Dubs family.


Seeing as this is my mixtape, Original Gidman and General Gamel have done the bit I normally do. Can’t be blowing my own trumpet hey?


“Most weeks, we have the pleasure of introducing a new selector to the #DuskDubs faithful, however this week we are extremely pleased to be announcing the long awaited return of our resident DJ Harrison, into the selectors shoes – “It’s been far too long. Bruv...” ‘Week in week out’… without fail, Harrison can be found in the #DuskDubs studio, mixing the latest volume – his commitment to #DuskDubs is flawless ….. even mixing a volume on the weekend his baby daughter was born – now that is dedication to the cause….. Big up sir. Even during the earliest discussions of the concept of #DuskDubs , it was clear to us that the passion/vibe of our project ran deep within Harrison, his ethos is clearly linked to his personal attitude to music… to be true to your musical convictions, and always support and be positive. This devotion is not just in his soul but is clearly visible in his record collection too…. and it is this in particular, that we are so excited to be bringing to you this week….. “Salute to you bruv and massive respect… each and every time”


Records Featured


Harmonic 313 – Music Substitute System
Taken from Mark Pritchard’s solo album ‘When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence’. Those familiar with my ‘Hypersleep’ mix will recognise this straight away. I included this track for 2 reasons. 1, Pritch is a massive inspiration to me. Never being confined to genres and always pushing boundaries. 

And 2, the Hypersleep mix I did, was a real labour of love, took weeks to put together all for just over an hour mix. Dedication and a reminder to myself to push myself more and believe in my own ability.
(Tommyharrison – Harrison-hypersleep)

DFRNT – Incubus
Just an incredible ‘outside the box’ dub techno production on one of my favourite labels, Echodub. I have so many DFRNT records to choose from, but this one felt right to set the scene for Dusk Dubs, taken from the album ‘Fading’. The whole album is just beautiful. Highly recommended (Dfrnt – Dfrnt-fading-album-promo-mix)

Big Bud – Runaway (Backward Dub)
Bug Bud is a stalwart of Good Looking Records. Another musician. Pure and simple. Here is a move away from the drums and bass vibes. 

2562 – Redux
This was a tricky one. Simply because I own so many 2562 / A Made up Sound records. His sound is of a pure techno nature heavily merged with that Rhythm and Sound Berlin dub and atmosphere vibe. This, just pops back and forth with those reverbing stabs. Perfect! 
Teeth – Shawty
Another artist I’m a big fan of. Teeth dropped this on 502 with a wicked remix from Ninja Tune’s Falty DL which, hands up, was the reason I bought it. But, this original mix....epitomises Dusk Dubs in my head. Trippy music that fills the room with a warm atmosphere. I basically love 140bpm records that make you sway. Sick.

Kahn – Polar
Not really much to say about Kahn but he’s a proper bad man. His records sit heavy in my bag. If you need a ‘lighters up’ rumble and bounce, he’s the man. This one is unreleased but you can grab a copy at Electronic Explorations. 

Objekt – Tinderbox
Chosing an Objekt track was tricky, as with many artists I’ve featured, I could play 6 or 7 or their tracks easily. I have no favourite. This one made it though, simply for the transition across the track and for the fact that I’ve only ever played it out once. I think I made some girls cry. 

Hello Skinny - Oduor Nyagweno meets Owiny Sigoma Uptown
Hello Skinny from Owiny Sigoma Band drops a bumping techno track on Brownswood. Something amazing about this track. For the life of me, I cant decide, but it hits me just sweet. Grab a copy here (…a-uptown/ )

Volunteer – . -..- .--. . .-. .. -- . -. - -... .-. .- ...- ---
Dub techno and ambient music sits heavily in my soul. It moves me, makes sense to me, i basically love it. This track came my way and I was mesmerised immediately. I highly recommend you check the video made by the incredible ‘A I X E L E N T’ when listening to this beautiful dub techno track by Volunteer (…& 
You can also grab a copy of the track here (Volunteer – Volunteer-1)

Fingers in The Noise – 1:06 AM
Track taken from "Insomnia EP" which is written & Produced By Laurent Bisch. Released on Basic Sounds Netlabel, Fingers in the Noise is another big inspiration to me. He makes the most incredible music, and pretty much all of it is free for people to listen, own and play. And he doesn’t care, its honest, it’s pure, and he represents the Dub Techno world for me beautifully.

3 Chairs – System Sauce
3 Chairs is a collective made up of Rick Wilhite, Marcellus Pittman, Theo Parrish & Kenny Dixon Jr. So it’s no surprise that this track has that Motor City feel to it. Lots of dirty percussion, looped samples and live keys. These guys really know how to take some familiar elements from old records, turn into something new but still remaining faithful to the original material. Proper late night science. 

Theo Parrish – Lost Keys
Again, Theo Parrish is an artist I hold close to my soul. His ethos is something I love and respect massively. Theo Parrish inspired much of Dusk Dubs. For him, the selection process is where it’s at. Maybe we should drop him an message and see if he’s up to it. To be fair, he has 35 big, big volumes to follow so we’ll see. This track is so recognisable, it had to be my choice. 

Jay Dee – Dreamy
Jay Dee – On the 1
Dilla was a genius, humble, amazing, hard working man who is sorely missed. But he lives on through his beats, family, his friends and fans, and through the J Dilla Foundation. Long may that continue. Another big, big inspiration.

Quasimoto – Basic Instinct
Lord Quas, ‘guided’ by Madlib is wicked. That is all. This one in particular means something to me more from this video, as it has a quote from William Gibson that I think about daily.
"Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure that you´re not, in fact, surrounding yourself with assholes"
(William Gibson)

Comfort Fit – Hatphones
Taken from Comfort Fit's album, Worlds Falling Apart on First Word Records. I love that instrumentation of sounds and glitch funk. 

Flying Lotus – Breathe. Something/Stellar Star
Flying Lotus makes music that is other worldly. This one just makes my heart fly and my mind drift somewhere beautiful.

Aquarius & Tayla – Soul Searching
At some point I had to drop a record from my massive drum and bass collection. It was hard to choose no doubt. I wanted to pick one, that had that thing that I love about this genre of intelligent, atmospheric, musical, drum and bass. 

Nookie – Only You
There is one track, among the thousands I own, that no matter what time of day, where I am, how I’m feeling, make me stop and feel instantly amazing. This one!