This week dropping off his selections into the #DuskDubs studio, we welcome Bartisimmo. 'BART' like most of our selectors has been a big supporter of the Dusk Dubs mix series from the very beginning. 

Bart's musical journey began in early 90's going to legendary clubs, The Hacienda (Manchester), Golden (Stoke), Wobble (Birmingham), Seeing DJ's like Sasha, John Digweed and Andrew Weatherall. 

He was also a regular at a night called 'Splosh' in the Midlands, who had the likes of Neil Macey and Steve Griffiths. He instantly fell in love with the music they were playing and spent most of his student loan buying vinyl from 'Volume Records' in Sunderland, on the occasional trip home, he would spend any cash he had left in 'Hard 2 Find & Global Grooves Records' in Birmingham. 

In 1994 Bart got his 1st pair of belt drive decks, because he'd spent most of his money on Vinyl they weren't even the same make but that didn't matter, it was just a means of playing all this amazing music he'd been buying and watching these DJ's play week in, week out. 

He started to play at a few local parties but Bart's real forte was on the dance floor. Part time DJ - Full time 'RAVER', his passion for the music, the scene and the whole party culture ethos, is still as strong today as it was back in those early days.

Welcome to the #DuskDubs family Bart!


Find him here:


Here are a few words from the man himself:


"First off a massive thanks to the Dusk Dubs guys for allowing me to do this, really is an honour. Been a big fan of all the selections so far, something always to look forward to on a Sunday, and it's a great way of connecting what's clearly a group of like-minded individuals with varied and eclectic musical tastes.


With the only audiences I personally DJ to these days being myself in my bedroom (and the next door neighbours if I crank it up) this selection may be a bit different to some of the ones that have gone before.


What this selection attempts to do is to collate tunes and/or remixes by artists that have been a massive influence on the journey I've been on with Electronic music since the early nineties, whether they're from a time when I bought them on vinyl, heard them at an all-nighter, or back at a house party. They include tunes from the West Coast of America, UK "Progressive House" stalwarts from the likes of Guerilla Records and Hard Hands, through to my main love, the UK Breakbeat scene.


One thing I've learned in this 20 year journey (that's still on-going) is to be open minded about genres. Deep House, Progressive House, Garage, Breakbeat, Ambient, Chillout, Dubstep, Drum N Bass, Jungle or Techno, I don't label it anymore. I'll give anything a listen, and over recent times I've found myself listening, and even enjoying some of the genres that I wouldn't have gone near 15 years ago. When someone says "listen to this" now, instead of asking "what style is it", I just give it a listen, and by just giving it a listen, I've found more often than not that my musical horizons have been broadened and are all the better for it.


Anyway, enough ranting. Hope you enjoy it, won't be offended if you don't, but if you don't enjoy it, at least you gave it a listen which is all that matters.




Simon aka Bartisimmo aka Bart"




1) Jark Prongo - Wave 2081
2) Symbiosis - Sensory
3) Colourbox - Looks Like We're Shy 1 Horse
4) Joe Roberts - Love Is Energy (DOP Dub)
5) My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Weatherall Mix)
6) Leftfield - Dusted (Pressure Drop Mix)
7) Adam Freeland - Burn The Clock
8) Hardkiss - Diazepam Jam (Little Wing)
9) Visnadi - Racing Tracks (Indianapolis Drive Mix)
10) Sandals - Feet (Wrong Side OF Town Mix)
11) Alpine Stars - Burning Up