This week we have the long overdue return of the mighty DJ Charge to the #DuskDubs studio, and as always he has brought with him a heavyweight selection. Charge is an original, he represents the music scene perfectly and his journey is always one we love hearing. So, let him take you.....

We present... DJ Charge


“The first Dusk Dubs for me was a nervous step into the Unknown but I loved creating it a huge thank you to everyone who supported Vol.13. The feedback blew me away and inspired me to come back for more. As before, when compiling this selection I drew on the vibes created in previous vols. The tracklist follows a similar journey to Vol.13, taking you to every corner of the dance scene with the emphasis on bass and a heavy jungle influence. Once again I’ve loved putting this together and hope you enjoy the mix. Big up all Dusk Dubs cru.“


Find him here:
And here : @dj-charge


1. John Holt - Police In Helicopter

Police in Helicopter - The jungle version made me hunt this track out & it has everything. Vibes, bass and a lyric that you can't help but sing along to. Proppa feel good music.


2. The Revolutionaries - Kunta Kinte (Dub)

Kunte Kinte - Another track that has jungle connections and is a tune that I've loved for 20 odd years. I went for the legendary Channel one mix as the bass on this is something to behold! This tune was made for Dusk Dubs.


3. Digital – Shanty

Shanty - I love Digital & when thinking about Dusk Dubs selections he has to be the producer that pops up the most. We're still very much in the Dub part of this mix but I love the fact I'm able to throw in some jungle fused Dub. Its haunting sounds and rolling bass is perfect whilst taking the tempo up a notch.


4. Dub Pistols - World Gone Crazy

World Gone Crazy - Andy Horace is a legend, such a great voice and this tune again delivers on every Dusk Dubs level. One of those tracks I always turn to when I need a boost so had to be in the mix.


5. Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored (Bloody Valentine Edit)

I Wanna Be Adored Remix - When putting this mix together I wanted to recognise what ‘Madchester’ did for our scene, dropping an original roses or Mondays track would have been tough but this remix is an unbelievable tune, it captures that raw madness of our early scene whilst still staying true to its original. The perfect track to kick off the next part of our journey.


6. The Beloved - Sun Rising

Sun Rising – Tuuuuuuuune! I've loved this from the very first time I heard it as a 13 year old. Whenever I hear it, it takes me back to hot summer nights listening to tapes wishing I was just a few years older and able to run around the countryside chasing those raves I kept reading about.


7. Orbital – Belfast

Belfast - same tune is sampled in this as Sun Rising, Orbital are another group that had to feature as without them there would be no Dusk in Dusk Dubs. Any number of tracks could have been selected by this slipped into the mix just perfectly.


8. LTJ Bukem – Music

Music - Dusk and Dub rolled into one, arguably the most seminal jungle tune ever made. I can’t believe this hasn't featured before and was the first track on my list for this volume. Just close your eyes forget your name and let music take you.


9. Loxy & Naibu - Hajime VIP

Hajime VIP - Wow what a tune. Loxy & Nabu on the controls of this dirty bass roller. Such underrated producers who definitely deserve more recognition.


10. Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy - Marka

Marka - I fell in love with this tune the first time I heard it, destroys the dance, your headphones or bedroom speakers. Deep bass phenomenal chat and a vibe that makes you just want to Brockout.


11. Etherwood - Begin By Letting Go

Letting go - Dusk Dubs legend Camel put me onto this amazing producer. His recently released album is quality from. Start to finish. This track has it all. Just beautiful, beautiful music & a perfect contrast to the inner city grime of Marka.


12. Rae & Christian – SpellBound

Spellbound - I first fell in love with Rae & Christian in 97 they were the perfect soundtrack to one hell of a summer. This tune always takes me back to the good times on a Whitechapel roof terrace without a care in the world & is the perfect way to sign off this volume.