This week it is our pleasure to bring to you another amazing selector for the #DuskDubs series. 


Volume 39 sees Nibbers pass by the #DuskDubs studio with a selection of records that fit perfectly with our ethos. Nibbers has been a solid supporter of our weekly podcasts since first meeting Original Gidman at the #JOAJ party at the beginning of 2014 – after much discussion and a couple of beers it was clear that he truly understood and connected with the concept of #DuskDubs. It was clear he was a lover of all genres of music, so we couldn’t wait to receive a volume from him. So, standby for an amazing ‘journey in dub’ from the man himself, Nibbers


Find him here:


Below are a few words from this week’s selector…..


“ I have been collecting vinyl for a few years, incessantly and obsessively.

I love a lot of musical genres, there’s one red line that goes through my collection, regardless of the tempo, it’s: soul. Music with soul, it’s what I’m living for (please note that: living for not collecting). Vinyl junkie, vinyl nutter, call me as you want, that’s what I am and I’m very proud.


I do run an all vinyl monthly night since 4 years ago with few DJ partners, who share the same love for the analogue sound (two nights actually: Interlight – Old Skool Jungle/Hardcore/Reggae & Siege Mentality) at the infamous Castle Pub in Aldgate East.. My all time dream (or one of the few, at least) it’s bringing back a night featuring a very specific sound, inspired by the legendary Speed at the Mars Bar, in Soho. One day I will and it will showcase the best and the deepest sound, known to man. Across the genre, undiluted deep, dubbed out, beautiful sound.


Until then, here you can hear a little selection I did put together, featuring a few of my favourite records. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while compiling. Ah, you can catch me playing every other Saturday between 12:30 and 14:30 on strictly Old Skool jungle and Hardcore, or once a month on the mighty


Now close your eyes and follow me…“


1) Intro ~ Buju Banton
2) Rhythm & Sound featuring Cornell Campbell - King In My Empire
3) Bob Marley ~ Lively Up Yourself (Radikal Roots Duplate Mix)
4) Bangers R Mashed (Vol. 1) ~ Healing In Vain
5) Emo ~ First Time Experiences (G Corp Step Up Mix)
6) Boozo Bajou Feat Joe Dukie & U Brown ~ Take It Slow
7) Non Collective ~ It’s Really You (Jan Schulte Edit)
8) Grace Jones ~ La Vie En Rose
9) Skeewiff ~ Man Of Constant Sorrow (Original Mix)
10) Mike Francis ~ Features Of Love
11) Rufus & Chaka Khan ~ Ain’t Nobody (Hallucinogenic Version)