This week we welcome another selector who has been a big fan and supporter of #DuskDubs from the very beginning. For Vol.42 we welcome Oldskool Rhythm to the #DuskDubs studios.


His love of music started way back in the 1980's, embracing the whole Hip-Hop/Electro vibe which was sweeping through the UK at the time. Like so many of us who grew up in a musical house, his siblings would provide many different influences, from jazz, blues, funk & soul and even Chicago house, anything from James Brown to Blondie would be playing on a regular basis.
But it wasn't until 1991/1992 that he found the whole rave scene, spending most Saturdays at the now legendary record shops Boogie Times, Lucky Spin and Blackmarket Records, getting his hands on the latest releases, picking up flyers and tickets for upcoming raves. His most memorable rave to date is XL Showcase Vision - Popham Airfield in 1992, 40,000 ravers and Prodigy live P.A......SAY NO MORE!


Here are a few words from the man himself….

“I’ve been collecting vinyl since the early 80's, survived the rave scene. Still buy the odd bit of vinyl that evaded me over the years. Now the digital age is upon us, record shopping days are few & far between. Sitting on your sofa buying Wav/mp3, for me definitely takes the fun out of it a bit. However it does make music much more accessible.“


Find him here:



1. Massive Attack - Exchange 
2. David Holmes - Rodney Yates
3. St Germain - What Do You Think About
4. New Yorican Soul - The Nervous Track
5. Eye For An Eye - Unkle
6. Synkro - Look At Yourself
7. RJD2 -Ghostwriter
8. Dj Trax feat Becki Biggins - Soul Travelling
9. Ed Solo - Age Of Dub
10. Nightmares on wax - Nights Interlude
11. Portishead - Biscuit
12. Leftfield - El Cid
13. Boards Of Canada - Dawn Chorus