Barny Wink quite clearly knows his music, he can often be found supporting each weeks release and offering positive feedback and recommendations on the Dusk Dubs Soundcloud page and social network sites. With his vast knowledge of music, we knew we'd be in for a real treat with his selections. So, standby for another amazing journey. We give you.....“Barnabus Winklefoot”


Here are few words from this week’s selector:


“When I got the nod to compile a volume, I was made up. However, I have experienced what the rest of the dubbers have felt and that is "where do I start" and "how am I going to get this list down from 80 to 12?


My musical influences growing up were somewhat disturbing. An Irish nan and a 20 something mum proved to be both distressing and enlightening in equal measure. From the dulcet tones of foster & Allen to the progressive synth sound of human league my musical taste would become wide and, with all due respect to today's terrible pop music, I'd give anything ago. The influences in this mix stem from the West London deep house sound to the grittier East London breaks, interspersed with a wider geographical and chronological variety you will hear. A massive chunk of this selection is heavily based on Charles Webster in production and remixing duties but a hat is tipped in the direction of Andrew Weatherall on the breaks front. This is not about categorising BPM’s to music genres, it’s about the feeling.

So, get yourself a cuppa, turn up the volume, shut the blinds and open your ears to my selection. “


You can find Barney here:


1. Syl Johnson –Is it because I’m Black
2. Charles Webster – Are you Ready
3. Hybrid – In God We Trust
4. Phurry Freaks – Lament for a Dead Computer
5. AudioMontage – FunKit
6. Uban Culture – The Wonders of Wishing
7. The Spoon Wizard – Me & Spoonice
8. Apex – Funky As
9. RadioActive Man – Uranium
10. MacMillan & Tab – Rolling Thunder
11. Landslide – Muted Voices
12. Adam F – F Jam (cool down Mix)
13. Kayot – A week in Cuba