Dusk Dubs returns with another incredible journey through sounds. However, this week we're going toe to toe with another “Dub War” sound clash. Both selectors bring their box of records, making their choices wisely, trying to outdo the other. I ready the sound system, play their tunes, mediate, and throw in the odd air-horn. Well, it is Dusk Dubs after all!


Stepping up, we have DJ Omm vs 10inchpress ….. Will there be a musical K.O. ? Who will be the last man standing?


As the artworks says……“It Ain’t Over ‘till It’s Over”



Words from Dj Omm


“What a buzz to be invited to take part in Dub Wars! The first head to head from Original Gidman & General Camel is without doubt one of the best volumes yet...absolutely love the format. Great Fun!!


Proper exciting unleashing a track then waiting to see what your opponent comes back with & what an opponent I have in the mighty Warman! Someone who bubbles off the same kind of riddims & flava’s & someone who definitely knows his beats ... I’m up against it for real! Should make for a tasty battle!!!!

Ding Ding !!”



Words from 10inchpress


“For a second time I am allowed the luxury of selecting my DuskDubs to an ever growing audience. However, in this DuskDubs instalment I enter the Dub Wars…. North vs South.


I am going head2head against DJ Omm the man who brought us DuskDubs volume 22. (177 Plays, 19 loves and 7 re-posts).


My selections are not pre-selected, they are very much chosen from the selections made by DJ OMM. From the very 1st selection by DJ Omm to the last I wanted to match him track for track.

If you get the opportunity for a Dub War - Don't just be a selector, be a competitor!!!


(Please note that I have just completed a Rubik's cube while writing this)”





1) Bomb The Bass – Megablast (Selected By DJ Omm) - Released in 1988 this was amongst me first 7” vinyl purchases from Woolworths as a kid! Was always gonna be suckered to this as it uses the bassline from John Carpenter’s ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ (Love JC’s Music). Can never get enough of the beat on this too....


2) De la Soul - Say No Go (Selected By 10Inchpress) De la Soul - Say No Go – It’s all about funk 'n' trumpets before the drop into that heavy funky bass and drums - Let's get the party started!!!


3) Rebel MC - Street Tuff (Selected By DJ Omm) - Love this to the bone! The mighty Rebel at his finest... Makes ya wanna go straight out down the street with a right Strut on !!!!


4) The S.O.S. Band - The Finest (Selected By 10Inchpress) The S.O.S. Band - The Finest - I selected this 1) for the sing along factor and 2) for the fact it's sampled in the Rufige Kru’s - Krisp Biscuit #Reinforced#PERCY


5) Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love (Selected By DJ Omm) - Didn’t pick up on this till I was older... released in 1981 when I was just a babee I heard this dropped at a bar in Sheffield, asked a mate what it was & was besotted from there are in! Straight out following week to track down the Vinyl!!! Vibes on this are immense...


6) Frankie Paul - Fire Deh a Mus Mus Tail (Selected By 10Inchpress) Frankie Paul - Fire Deh a Mus Mus Tail - What more can be said about Frankie Paul, greatest voice in reggae! First heard Frankie Paul on some old Sir Coxsone tapes they were passed around at college and the vocal is sampled on a little Shut and Dance jungle number from '94.


7) Nadine Sutherland – Karma (Selected By DJ Omm) - Was introduced to this by me woman! This lady’s voice is captivating... love the vibes on this! Just makes me wanna be back at Glastonbury sat in Jazz Field with a Strawberry cider...


8) Lee “Scratch” Perry & Dub Syndicate - Jungle (Big Hot Plate) (Selected By 10Inchpress) Lee “Scratch” Perry & Dub Syndicate - Jungle (Big Hot Plate) - The title says it ALL!!! - every DuskDubs selection needs a Lee "Scratch" Perry or Jah Shaka track #DUB


9) dBridge & Skeptical - Move Way (Selected By DJ Omm) - First heard Marcus Intalex drop this absolute monster at my Drum & Bass Mecca Soul:ution... It shook me to my boots! Waited impatiently a long time to eventually get me hands on the vinyl release on the Legendary R&S records....’Claaaaart’


10) Digital - Bitter Wind (Selected By 10inchpress) Digital - Bitter Wind - Digital is my favourite Metalheadz producer #Standard…. AND Digital is back!!!


11) Dillinja & Lemon D - That Amen Track (Selected By DJ Omm) - Like so many true DnB heads... Love an Amen rinse out & love Dillinja so when the King of the Bangers with the help of his trusty sidekick gives us his take on the infectious break this is what you get! Ooooooooooooffff!!!


12) Fallout - Morning After (Sunrise Mix) (Selected By 10Inchpress) Fallout - Morning After (Sunrise Mix) - As I said to Original Gidman in the Morpeth Arms - If I could only own one piece of vinyl this would be it, the beat, the bass, the strings - this is perfection personified - Timeless often gets tagged to too many tunes BUT this really is a timeless masterpiece that I am sure no one would challenge.


13) Shades of Rhythm - Sound of Eden (Selected By DJ Omm) - Had to finish with the ultimate hands in the air, sing out loud’ feel good tune! A very special record to me & me woman and a few of the older dance heads round my way. This ticks all the boxes for a dancefloor full of groovers whatever their true music passion is....always gets a brilliant reaction!!!!!


14) The Demon Boyz, Asher D & Daddy Freddy - Grand Finale (Selected By 10Inchpress) The Demon Boyz, Asher D & Daddy Freddy - Grand Finale - The Music of Life record label was a favourite for me around 88/89 loads of mates at school had tapes by Simon Harris, this is taken from the 1989 album Hustlers Convention Live - now tell me you can't hear Jungle vibes!!! #PULLUP