This week, we reach vol.50. That’s 50 weeks in a row, 50 mixtapes, through thick and thin. Dusk Dubs is flying. Its flying with a great team behind it and an even greater extended team pushing it forward. We're a family. And our core principle is about music and unity. Not money, not fame, not genres, not Charts or Top 100 lists…..not any of that bull shit that many these days think is important. 

It's about bringing people together, playing great records and buzzing off it.

Here at Dusk Dubs, we were trying to think of something special to celebrate our 50th mixtape. So, we threw it right back to the start. Myself, Original Gidman and General Camel have dug out the first few tracks we posted on twitter. And here it is. If anything, this mixtape is the birth of Dusk Dubs.


Those of you that were there with us at the start, we salute you. Thank you for helping drive something forward that is honest and pure right from the beginning. And those of you that have joined as we snowballed along, we equally salute you. Welcome, and thanks for making Dusk Dubs what it is today!


Now let's play some tunes eh!


Jon’s Tracks


1. The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry - Golden Clouds
2. Taggy Matcher - Rockit
3. Fat Freddys Drop – Shiverman
4. Flying Lotus – Disco Balls


Leighton’s Tracks


1. Tosca - Honey
2. Thievery Corporation - Lebanese blonde
3. Portishead - Roads
4. Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Remix)


Tommy’s Tracks


1. Bob Marley - 'get up, stand up'
2. 2562 - 'Kontrol'
3. Pobedia - Journey To The Stars
4. Burial – Archangel


And it wouldn't be right without the full track list write up from Gids:


1. Bob Marley – ‘Get up, Stand’ up as selected by Harrison – What better way to start our 50th volume with a stone cold classic. Recorded at the Harry J. Studios, Kingston in Jamaica and originally released on the album “Burnin” in 1973, this is an anthem in the true sense of the word…. Sing-a-long crew stand up…..


2. Portishead – ‘Roads’ as selected by General Camel – Another classic, but this time from a more recent era. This can be found on Portishead ‘s debut album “Dummy” which unbelievably was released 20 years ago in August 1994. Cited by many music critics, as one of the genre’s defining albums, although in my humble opinion there are so many other albums that were influential during the “Trip-Hop” era…. There is no doubt that Portishead along with Massive Atack and Tricky to name a few spearheaded the “Bristol Sound”…… and what a sound it is with those heart-breaking vocals by Beth Gibbon’s and that recognisable lo-fi yet somehow polished production by Geoff Barrow.


3. The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry – ‘Golden Clouds’ as selected by Original Gidman – Featured on the ” The Orbserver in the Star House” album and released as a single in its own right back in August 2012’ - for me, this long awaited collaboration was the perfect union for both artists. Golden Clouds is a ‘dubbed-out skanking’ rework of The Orb’s ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ where Mr. Perry reminisces about the Jamican “..skies when he was young?”


4. 2562 - 'Kontrol' as selected by Harrison – Released back in 2009 on the first split 12" vinyl in the "Tectonic Plates Vol. 2" series, alongside fellow ‘Hollander’ Martyn. Dave Huismans aka 2562’s sound is one of snappy 808’s, melancholy synth washes & pads and serious sub base,….the perfect hybrid of Detroit, London & Holland….”Watch your bassbins on this one !”


5. Thievery Corporation – ‘Lebanese Blonde’ as selected by General Camel – A contemporary classic from Washington DC based band Thievery Corporation. Released in 1998 and featuring the jazz vocals of Pam Bricker, this is a perfect example of the bands melting pot of Bossa, Jazz and Dub….. Another #DuskDubsclassic for sure…..


6. Flying Lotus – ‘Disco Balls’ as selected by Original Gidman – Produced by the LA based multi-talented producer Flying Lotus, who if you didn’t know comes from a long famous linage of musicians – his great-aunt being Alice Coltrane (jazz pianist, organist, harpist, composer and second wife of John Coltrane) and he is also a cousin of Ravi Coltrane (Post-Bop Tenor and Soprano Saxophonist). This track is taken from the Double CD compilation “5: Five Years of Low End Contagion” from the ever-consistant Hyperdub label. Released in 2009, and featuring other leftfield producers loved by the #DuskDubs family, such as Burial, Zomby, Kode 9 and Darkstar to name a few…..Go hunt it out – you will not be disappointed.


7. Tosca – ‘Honey’ as selected by General Camel – Tosca are the duo of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber out of Austria, who released on G-Stone Recordings. This track features on their second album ‘Suzuki’ which was released in 1999 and is a perfect example of that ‘G-Stone’ sound that #DuskDubsloves so much.


8. Taggy Matcher – ‘Rockit’ as selected by Original Gidman – Covering the Herbie Hancock classic in a ska/dub fashion could have turned out a nightmare. However, Taggy Matcher aka Patchworks manages to do it justice. Since 2007, Taggy Matcher started appearing in the 7 Inch record racks on the French Stix label, giving new ‘reggae/dub life’ to some of the best Hip-Hop and R&B classics around…..these hybrid/covers seem perfect for both b-boys and #DuskDubs alike.


9. Pobedia – ‘Journey To The Stars’ as selected by Harrison – Featured on Ruslan Zakharov’s aka Pobedia’s 2011 EP ‘Galaxy’ on Audiocast Productions, this track will take you away from the daily hustle and bustle of life through its Dub/Techno rhythms. As the artist says himself… “Just sit back and think of the relaxing motion of the sea or staring up at the clouds”…… Bliss.


10. Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads – ‘Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Remix)’ as selected by General Camel – Of course, Mr Jefferson needs no introduction… as a legend in Dance Music his reputation precedes him. He released the original of Mushrooms back in 1996 but it was 2 years later that this remix by Elliot Eastwick, Miles Hollway and Simon Bradshaw aka Salt City Orchestra surfaced. A fantastic “chugger” that mixes spoken word, amazing beats and deep house vibes… another classic by Mr Jefferson.


11. Fat Freddys Drop – ‘Shiverman’ as selected by Original Gidman – This 10 minute epic is featured on their second album ‘Dr Boondigga and the Big BW’ released in 2009 which became a number-one album in New Zealand in its first week, and eventually went two times platinum. FFD manage to mould Reggae/Soul/Techno inna dub style and nowhere is this more apparent than on ‘Shiverman’ – watch for the drop featuring their amazing brass section…… If you ever get to see them live – this 10 minute epic becomes a 20 minute monster… recommended.


12. Burial – ‘Archangel’ as selected by Harrison – What better way to end this volume than with the mercurial Burial. For what seemed like an age, Burial managed to keep his identity a secret – driving the music press wild whilst adding to his own mystique. More recently William Emmanuel Bevan has come out of the ‘musical closet’ let’s say, collaborating with the likes of Four Tet, Massive Attack and even Tom Yorke from Radiohead. “Archangel” featured on his second album ‘Untrue’ (2007) is a classic ‘Burial’ take on 2 step garage… featuring mournful vocal loops, dark synth washes and a sub bass to die for…. this modern day masterpiece will worm its way into your ear and hopefully never escape….