This week we welcome another selector who has been a big fan of #DuskDubs from the very beginning. For DD0204 we finally welcome 1210Technics as a selector to the #DuskDubs family.
His first encounter of electronica came when he first heard New Order’s 'Blue Monday' which totally blew him away and set 1210 on an ever-evolving journey that continues to this day.


Here are a few words from the man himself…..


First of all, can I just say how humbled I am to be asked to select some tracks for the stunningly beautiful#DuskDubs sessions. The productions are always of the highest order and the depth of the musical knowledge of your selectors is incredible. Total love and respect goes out to The Gidman, Camel and Harrison for constantly keeping the music alive and giving us mere mortals a weekly dose of amazing sounds. The amount of effort and dedication that goes into this work is truly breathtaking.


I have put together tracks in my collection which are from favourite artists, collaborations between incredible artists, remixes of favourite tracks or all-out beautiful atmospherics and emotions. For me, the latter has always been a huge aspect in any music that I listen to, whether it’s from Detroit or Dagenham, Berlin or Belfast, I just love when artists put their heart and soul into a piece of music.


#DuskDubs really is a musical journey and one I am proud to be part of. I hope you all enjoy my debut selection half as much as I enjoyed putting it together.


Find 1210 Technics here:




1. Slam 'Eterna' (digweed and muir reprise)
2. Banco de Gaia 'Last Train to Lhasa'
3. Layo & Bushwacka 'Blind Tiger'
4. UNKLE 'Chaos'
5. 808 State 'Lopez'
6. Sigur Ros 'Milano'
7. Chemical Brothers 'Asleep From Day'
8. Doves 'Where We're Calling From' (Hebden Bridge Remix)
9. The Smiths 'This Charming Man' (Francois Kervokian Remix)
10. Rob & Goldie 'The Shadow' (Process Mix)
11. Derrick May 'The End'


1. Slam ‘Eterna’ (Digweed & Muir Reprise)

The original track from Slam was an incredible piece of electronica, way back in 1991, and one of my all time favourite tracks. The label in question, Soma, have been one of the real pioneers of the UK electronic scene and this was probably a tune that I thought no-one would touch – certainly not 20 years later! Digweed and Muir did a couple of versions – this one fitting nicely into the Duskdubs niche.


2. Banco de Gaia ‘Last Train to Lhasa’

I first heard this on Sasha & Digweed’s amazing Northern Exposure album which created a soundscape removed from their usual progressive, expansive house sound at that time. This track really jumped out from the rest and I ended up listening to quite a lot of Banco de Gaia’s tracks after that.


3. Layo & Bushwacka ‘Last Tiger’

Taken from their superb album ‘Night Works’, I felt this track slotted in beautifully with the whole#DuskDubs ethos and vibe. This track is very relaxed and laid back and it wasn’t one of my initial favourites on the album, after many listens this grew and grew on me and I couldn’t get enough of it – amazing how music works like that on you.


4. UNKLE ‘Chaos’

‘Psyence Fiction’ is one of those albums that really deserves more and more attention – in fact I have threatened to give myself a personal beating for neglecting this work of art amongst my collection of music!! So many amazing collaborations. There’s something wonderfully disturbing about ‘Chaos’ – makes me stop in my tracks every time I listen to it, giving it the full attention it deserves.


5. 808 State ‘Lopez’

Like the previous track, there’s a wonderful collaboration which brings together the very best of British music. When Bradfield’s husky, harsh, heartfelt vocals meet the electronic genius of 808 State, you immediately take notice. From the first day I heard this I’ve been hooked by both the range of emotions that come through this piece. Musical perfection.


6. Sigur Ros ‘Milano’

One of the most emotional pieces of music ever written by anyone at any time. Simply beautiful.


7. Chemical Brothers ‘Asleep From Day’

In their earlier days, the Chemical Brothers were masters in unearthing relatively unknown vocalists to produce the lyrics for their tracks. Have to say I hadn’t heard of Hope Sandoval before this track, and not much afterwards but what a vocal she puts on this tune. Gorgeous….. you can feel the sunset on your back every time you hear this.


8. Doves ‘Where We’re Calling From’ (Hebden Bridge Remix)

Remixes can be hit or miss, sometimes an artist puts a lazy shift in and the original version is hardly altered or they change the track completely to almost one of their own. Then sometimes an artist comes along who just grabs the original and gives it a whole new life. James Zeiter sends shivering, haunting sounds right through this Doves album track – incredible atmospherics.


9. Smiths ‘This Charming Man’ (Francois Kevorkian Instrumental Remix)

I first heard this version of the all time indie classic in the middle of a Andrew Weatherall set many years ago and it blew me away. In the days before Discogs, it was long and fruitless journey to track this piece of music down but thankfully I managed to get my hands on it. The French/NY musician does an amazing job on an almost untouchable piece of music.


10. Rob & Goldie ‘The Shadow’ (The Process Mix)

I toyed with the idea of including any drum and bass in my collection of sounds but the lengthy, dark, atmospheric introduction makes this track perfect for Duskdubs. Two of the DnB heavyweights coming together to commemorate the century of sound from the Moving Shadow label create this amazing electronic sound worthy of anyone’s set in any musical genre.


11. Derrick May ‘The End’

Perfect, peaceful electronic sounds from the Detroit master himself which rounds off my selection for the Duskdubs family. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as I enjoyed putting this together – it’s been a wonderful experience, digging out old vinyl and CDs which haven’t been given the amont of listening they truly deserve from their careless owner.


Big respect to the whole Duskdubs family who keep this wee musical enterprise thriving every week. God Bless.