This week is the welcome return of Artikal LDN. A pure music lover, and passionate man. Perfect to have as part of the ever growing Dusk Dubs family. A pleasure again to hear the sounds of his soul and record box. Salute!


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Here are some words for this weeks selector:


"Where do you start when doing a volume for Dusk Dubs? So much amazing music around and so many musical inspirations. So I have chosen tracks that are special to me and remind me of great moments in my life.


Some real classic tracks that never grow old and some beats that still sound ground-breaking now.


Thanks for listening and enjoy the ride - Artikal x




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1) Wouh -- Nicolas Jaar
2) More Than Ever People -- Levitation
3) Dont' Push It -- Jimpster
4) I Chase The Devil -- Max Romeo & The Upsetters
5) Here I Come (Broader Than Broadway) -- Barrington Levy
6) Propaganda -- Dead Prez
7) Dreamy Days -- Roots Manuva
8) Stone Cold -- Groove Chronicles
9) Hobson's Choice -- Mr Reds
10) Lords of the Null-Lines (Foul Play Remix) -- Hyper On Experience
11) Pulp Fiction -- Alex Reece
12) Night Falls -- Booka Shade
13) Month Of Sip -- Steve Bug & cle
14) Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix) -- Djuma Soundsystem
15) Emotions Electric -- A Guy Called Gerald



1) Wouh - Nicolas Jaar
Nicolas Jaar for me is one of the most innovative and creative producers in the scene so it was hard to choose one of his tracks but Wouh is a real treat.


2) More than Ever People – Levitation
This track reminds me of magic moments in Ibiza. Ibiza is a very special place to me and this track always makes me feel the energy of the island


3) Don't Push It – Jimpster
DEEP HOUSE, the most battered genre of 2014. I think there is a lot of people that don't really know what it is!! Jimpster is one of the best deep house producers there is and this track always remind me of his album Amour, which is one of my favourite deep house albums.


4)I Chase The Devil - Max Romeo & The Upsetters

Prodigy nailed it with this sample, a class reggae track that reminds me of early nineties dance.


5) Here I Come (Broader Than Broadway) - Barrington Levy
One of my favourite reggae tracks…end of!!!!


6) Propaganda - Dead Prez

This was a secret track at the end of an album that got discovered in the early hours that always stays in my mind.


7) Dreamy Days - Roots Manuva
One of my favourite UK hip hop artists and this is the track I always go back to. Classic.


8) Stone Cold - Groove Chronicles

Timeless garage classic that shows off the real sound of garage and is silky fucking smooth mate!!!


9) Hobsons Choice - Jesse Jackson & Mr Reds

This one was always played on my pirate radio show back in the day. Proper white label, had to get in contact with an old pal to get this one.


10) Lords Of The Null – Lines (Foul Play Remix) - Hyper On Experience
For years I never knew what this track was called and always called it 'FUCKING VOODOO MAGIC MAN''. A classic Hardcore track that goes back to when I first got into dance music.


11) Pulp Fiction - Alex Reece
A drum and bass track that fits perfectly into Dusk Dubs that is as musical as it is dark and dirty.


12) Night Falls - Booka Shade
Booka Shade are up there with the best producers in the last 10 years and this track never blew up like the rest of their tracks and should get the respect it deserves.


13) Month Of Sip - Steve Bug & Cle
A proper after hours minimal trippy beat to twist your mind. I heard Steve Bug Play it at Paramount (The club at the top of centre point in London) as the sun was coming up over London. Perfect.


14) Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix) - Djuma Soundsystem 
I just love everything about this track and has a lot of special moments attached to it. A master class in production.


15) Emotions Electric - A guy Called Gerald
A great timeless piece of house music to finish off……