We are extremely privileged to have the ‘Cosmic Bridge’ label boss; amazing producer and remixer; in-demand DJ; and all-round talent that is Om Unit selecting for us this week. If you track back through YR-01 and YR-02 #DuskDubs mixtapes you’ll find all kinds of selectors choosing Om Unit tracks for their#DuskDubs journey, so it’s the perfect continuation to have the man behind all those incredible beats selecting for this weeks mixtape.


Grounded in the jungalistic roots of the early 90’s, he previously represented the UK at the DMC World DJ Championships under his turntablist moniker ‘2Tall’. Not long after, ‘Om Unit’ was born, producing tracks that appeared on diverse labels such as Dublins’ All City Records, Tectonic Recordings, Fabric Records, Berlins’ Project Mooncircle, Terrorhythm, his own imprint Cosmic Bridge Records, and of course more recently with his own album ‘Threads’ on Civil Music and further releases on Metalheadz.


It is with the Goldie & the Metalheadz camp that he has certainly found his spiritual home and in two weeks time he drops the “Inversions” EP on the legendary label. This EP gathers together all his influences, London, Chicago and Detroit with textures formed from Jungle, Drum & Bass, Techno and Footwork. He has also incorporated into this production samples from 15 year old DAT tapes out of the Metalheadz camp, supplied by the head honcho Goldie himself. In Om Unit’s own words…

“This project is not an exercise in technical skill, nor a showcase or automated sound design. It’s a blueprint of what could be another way”.


It is the particular influence of Jungle, which he immersed himself in 15-20 years ago, that we have asked him to present for his #DuskDubs volume. A genre that clearly has a special place in his heart and memory and still influences him to this day. Coming off the back of a successful USA/Canada tour, he’s been digging deep in his collection and supplied us with a serious collection of his “Jungle Favourites”.


You can pre order Inversion here:


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Here are a few words from the man himself….


“Essentially this is a collection of some oldskool Jungle faves, less obvious stuff with a more atmospheric vibe.. Something i've always been drawn to, the more deeper meditative side of jungle, and in fact most music in general. 2014 has been a great year for me in terms of celebrating this via my own work and DJ sets, and it's a pleasure to be able to showcase some personal favourites via a platform such as#DuskDubs.”




1) Monita - Razor’s Edge (1994)
2) Rogue Unit - Dance Of The Sarooes (1994)
3) Baraka - I’ll Be There (1995)
4) Van Kleef - Life Began Changing (1994)
5) Alladin - We Enter (Deep Forest Dub) (1994)
6) Skanna - This Way (1993)
7) Orca - Unititled (Side A - FT006) (1994)
8) Orca – Liar (1995)
9) DJ Scoobie - Wait 4 The Bass (1993)
10) Hidden Agenda - The Flute Tune (1995)
11) Photek – Yendi (1998)
12) Odyssey – Ritual (1997)