This week we have the pleasure of presenting another new selector, wicked DJ and #vibesformilesresident to the #DuskDubs series… Johnny Earl. He may well be a new #DuskDubs selector but he’s been a full-time listener and supporter since our inception. “Why’s it taken so long” I hear you say? Well, Mr. Earl doesn’t do things lightly and nor do we. So after we finally met up with him on one of #RCFF/Music Mondays infamous boat parties along the River Thames, that real kindred passion in music was realised, and it was at that moment we knew, we had to find time to get him in!


NOW !! is that time…… Step up the one and only Johnny Earl


Here are some words from this weeks selector:


“ I'll keep this short and sweet(ish) as I'm a firm believer in letting the music do the talking and after all, isn't that what this whole project is really about?


If you know me, then you'll already know all about my deep love for virtually all forms of dance music from about 1988 onwards. It pretty much defines who I am and has played a massive part in making me the bloke I am today. But this project had me out of my comfort zone, which I actually found very refreshing, challenging and extremely gratifying, as I sifted through decades of dub-influenced music, trying to locate those forgotten gems that had once mesmerised me for whatever reason, whilst also striving to maintain the ridiculously high standards that had been set by previous selectors.


I was invited to submit my selection roughly 6 months ago and I explained that whilst I was very flattered, honoured and humbled to be asked, I felt I would need a lot of time to delve into my archives and rediscover the tracks that I felt are worthy of a #DuskDubs submission. I also needed time to get my 'Hardcore/Jungle/Garage/Old Skool head' off and my 'Dub/Ska/Reggae/Breaks/Ambient/Melodic chill-out head' on, which didn't happen very easily, let me tell you! It did reawaken part of my musical mind that had been dormant for several years though and opened up a whole world of tunes, genres and sub-genres that I'd badly neglected for too long and for this reason alone I can't thank Gidman, Camel and Harrison enough.


It's been a real pleasure getting the buzz from hearing so many great tracks that had fallen by the wayside. Tracks that evoke so many memories of my childhood when my Dad used to have his Ska and Reggae tapes on full whack every Sunday morning. Memories of my times in Ibiza and more specifically, watching the sun set on the rocks outside Café Del Mar with my pals whilst Jose Padilla gently serenaded us. And of course, those early rave memories when it was all about the breaks, the bleeps and most importantly, the bass! And speaking of bass, this is probably the only theme that underpins my whole selection. To me, a good bassline is essential in all forms of music and can undoubtedly be the difference between an average tune and an absolute classic. Everything I've chosen has that magic formula, so make sure you whack the bass up on your system before you hit the play button!


Anyways, let's get on with it, shall we? I hope you enjoy the music. The whole selection process has been a real privilege. Love and respect must go to all the #DuskDubs family, big up each and every one of you. I feel truly honoured and humbled to be part of such a knowledgeable, open-minded, decent group of people. Except for Barny Wink of course. He's just a wrong'un :-) “


You can find him here:


And you can catch Johnny Earl spinning records at the Music Mondays Christmas Party in London on 5th Dec, along with Dusk Dubs! 


1. 'Irie Feelings' - Rupie Edwards
2. 'King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown' - Augustus Pablo
3. 'Double Barrel' - Dave & Ansell Collins
4. 'The Selecter' - The Selecter
5. 'Chase The Devil' - Max Romeo & The Upsetters
6. 'Phoenix City' - Roland Alphonso & The Soul Brothers
7. 'Claps Like Thunder' - Jah Shaka & Mad Professor
8. 'The Way Of The Explosive' - Finley Quaye
9. 'Chant Of A Poor Man' - Leftfield ft. Cheshire Cat
10. 'Ovary Stripe' - Kasabian
11. 'Trip II The Moon' (10" unreleased mix) - Acen
12. 'Pressure Drop' - Dusk
13. 'Asia' - Alex Neri
14. 'Fanfare Of Life' - Leftfield
15. 'The Revival' - Martine Girault
16. 'Nothing Can Stop Us' - St. Etienne
17. 'Smokebelch' (Beatless Mix) - The Sabres Of Paradise