This week dropping off his selections into the #DuskDubs studio, we welcome Soundafected. Paul has been DJing since the 1990s, inspired by DJ’s such as Carl Cox (The 1st mixtape he ever heard), and DJ Easygroove and DJ Ratty who would entice him out, like thousands of others, every weekend to events such as Devotion or Essence, or to the legendary venue that is ‘The Sanctuary’ in Milton Keynes. During the mid to late 90s he was part of a small group of DJs pushing jungle and Drum n Bass in Cornwall, playing in the 2nd rooms of Maximum Sensory Overload, and the legendary Shirehorse Inn. All this led to Paul creating and co-promoting a small night called ‘Soundz Twisted’.


Find him here:


Here are a few words from the man himself…..


“Hello and welcome to my volume of the mighty #DuskDubs, please enjoy my selection of 12 tracks that all have significant early evening memories for me, whether it be with friends, family or just by myself. If I was to describe all these memories you'd be reading this for weeks, suffice to say…. inspirations are my mum, dad and grandad who all lived through their own adversities. My musical heroes would be long list, but my top five would certainly include Ben E King, Lois Armstrong, Otis Reading, NWA and Public Enemy.


So please, sit back, relax and watch the sunset while you listen to the soundtrack to my perfect dusk. “


1. Otis Reading – Dock Of The Bay
2. The Five Stairsteps – Ooh Child
3. Sugar Hill Gang – 8Th Wonder
4. DMX - Slipping
5. DMX – It’s All Good
6. Beastie Boys – To The 5 Boroughs
7. Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb
8. Heads High – Mr Vegas
9. Leftfield – Original
10. Jam Thieves – Smoke Weed
11. DJ Trax – High Times (Original)
12. Dave Wallace – Expressions (Part 1)