This week we welcome back previous selector and DuskDubs friend, Flatliner.

Most of us know him from his days spent in the Ram Records camp who were a massive influence on the Jungle/Drum and Bass scene back in the early 90's and still are to this day. He produced classics like 'The Big Bang' and 'No Boundaries' (

Recently Flatliner took a trip to Tresor, world famous nightclub in Berlin, some say the spiritual home of Techno, the history of the club dates back to 1988 when the electronic label 'Interfisch' opened the UFO club in Berlin. UFO was the original centre of Berlin house and Techno.

He was also very lucky enough to attend one of the events of the year - The new Aphex Twin album listening party (DuskDubs are very jealous).
So, although Flatliners roots very much lie with the jungle/dnb vibe of the early 90's, This volume shows us a very different side to the man we all know and love, it's also very clear to see in his selections, the time spent at club 'Tresor' and that very special Apex Twin gig, plays a massive part in this Volume.

Flatliner is also producing music again, this time, a more techno / deep house flavour is coming from his mind. We highly recommend you hit his soundcloud page to check his current projects.


Flatliner is now very much part of the DuskDubs family and it's always a pleasure for us to give him the floor.


Find him here:


Here are a few words from the man himself, and we are fortunate to have a track by track commentary from him also:


“It has been a huge honour selecting again for DuskDubs and as with my first volume, each track here is a personal choice which represents a brief but memorable snapshot in my life and going back and revisiting some of my old favourites has been hugely enjoyable and rewarding. I hope you have enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed collating it. Peace.”





1) Glass Domain - Interlock 
2) Arpanet - NTT DoCoMo 
3) B12 - Void / Comm 
4) Link - Arcadian 
5) Jega - Geometry ( Mu Ziq RMX ) 
6) Bochum Welt - Radio Propulsive 
7) Global Goon - Metel Buffalo 
8) Nautilus - Why It Gotta Be So Damn Tough 
9) Global Goon - Stans Slaves 
10) The Gentle People - Journey ( AFX Care mix )


1) Interlock by Glass Domain (1991)

Anyone that knows me knows that I have two passions that border on obsession, Lego and the Detroit techno outfit known as Drexciya. Drexciya were always shrouded in mystery, they rarely gave interviews and only a handful of photos exist of them online. What is known is that the group mainly comprised of ( before his untimely death ) James Marcel Stinson and on / off unofficial collaborator Gerald Donald. Glass Domain was Donald under his own steam and Interlock is his nod to the wondrous Danish interlocking brick system which I love so much.


2) NTT Do Co Mo by Arpanet (2002)

Gerald Donald again, this time disguised as Arpanet. NTT Do Co Mo is a lumbering techno monster which eerily predicts a future when man, machine and wireless internet are entwined together as one unit enabling human to human information exchange. 13 years after release, and with the advent of social media and with technology getting even more and more compact, Donald may have been onto something.


3) Void/ Comm by B12 (1993)

Along with Autechre, The Black Dog and Aphex Twin, B12 were among some of my all time favourite producers on the mighty Warp Records back in the early to mid 90s. Void/ Comm takes its name from the reaction test given to suspected Replicants by Bladerunners in the 1982 cult movie of the same name. The track features on the album Time Tourist, this truly was the golden age for Warp Records and lovers of early electronic music.


4) Arcadian by Link (1994)

Recently voted as the best electronic compilation by a major music magazine, Artificial Intelligence II was a who's who of established Warp Records artists as well as being a showcase for some new fresh talent. Arcadian by Link ( aka Mark Pritchard ) is taken from that album and is without doubt the standout track...and that's no mean feat considering the quality on display here. It has that perfect balance of light and shade and seamlessly ebbs and flows back and forth during its near 10 minute journey. Sheer perfection.


5) Geometry ( u-ziq Remix ) by Jega (2001)

During the tail end of the 1990's and with the advent of the new millenuim, I found myself increasingly spending more time exploring alternative music and new labels outside of the realms of D&B. One such label that regularly caught my ears was Planet Mu. Label boss Mike Paradinas took what was already a stunning track, Geometry, by Planet Mu regular Jega and added his own unique flair. The result is a timeless masterpiece which somehow manages to evoke some of the magic and mystery of the universe and the mathematics and equations potentially needed to get there and explore it.

6) Radio Propulsive by Bochum Welt (2003)


Bochum Welt first came to my attention back in 2001 when a track called Fortune Green was featured on the Rephlex Records compilation The Braindance Coincidence. The track had a sort of sombre melancholy which I really identified with at the time and I always looked out for new material ever since that moment. Radio Propulsive is more driven than what I had heard before but it still has that unmistakable uniqueness which originally peaked my interest.


7) Metel Buffalo by Global Goon (2003)

Much mystery surrounded the Global Goon, it was often said that he or she didn't actually exist and that it was in fact Aphex Twin under a different name. With the advent of each piece of new music, more rumours began to surface. It wasn't until later on that the Global Goon was finally revealed to be an artist in his own right who just happened to share a flat with the Rephlex Records label bosses Aphex Twin and Grant Wilson-Claridge. What a touch! Great music though, always solid and one of my favourite artists on the label.


8) Why It Gotta Be So Damn Tough? by Nautilis (2002)

The saying, "always leave them wanting more" has never been more true, especially when it comes to describing the closing track off of the 2002 album Are You An Axolotl by Nautilis. Clocking in at barely 2 minutes, Why It Gotta Be So Damn Tough is sheer quality for all of its 124 seconds of glitchy goodness and tops off nicely an album which is already full of highs.


9) Stans Slaves by Global Goon (2002)

It's that man again, told you I was a fan. Global Goons music has been described as "easy listening, ambient funk fusion" and despite that being a bit of a mouthful, it kinda sums up what it is. Warm and dreamlike synths and catchy melodic lines laid over tight beats and distant voices. The track is taken from the album Vatican Nitez which is a personal favourite of mine and I knew I wanted a track from it to feature on my second DuskDubs outing but deciding on which one wasn't easy as I love 'em all!


10) Journey ( AFX Care mix ) by The Gentle People (1996)

I must confess, I never caught this remix first time around, I was probably too busy raving week in, week out during the mid 90's to notice, more fool me but I discovered this gem much later on when it featured on the Aphex Twin remix compilation album 26 Mixes For Cash in 2003. The title is very apt, this track is a journey and for 10 minutes it builds and builds, layer upon layer, constantly evolving before falling away beautifully in typical Aphex Twin style and is in my opinion, one of the highlights of his staggering career so far.