This week we welcome Beatwell to the #DuskDubs family.


Originally from the Midlands, His musical journey began way back in the early 90's, As a teenager he was well and truly swept away with the rave culture that had captured the entire country. Going to many of the now legendary raves and clubs in the Midlands. As the sound progressed from the early rave/hardcore days into the much deeper darker jungle/dnb sound, Beatwell had definitely found his path in the scene.

DJ's like LTJ Bukem, Doc Scott, Fabio were all favourites of his and that deep atmospheric sound they used to pioneer at the time had a massive influence on him.


Now living in Brighton, Beatwell set up a night called 'What's Wrong With Groovin?' With partner in crime Ed Meme.


What's Wrong With Groovin? was established as a monthly residency 4 years ago with 2 DJs playing the best in heavy funk, deep soul, old school hip hop, afrobeat, latin, breaks, broken beats and anything else driven by a pounding drumline. A tribute to the beats. Between them, Beatwell and Ed Meme have featured alongside some of the most respected names in the business of the beats, including Marva Whitney, DJ Maseo (De La Soul), Maxi Jazz, Norman Jay, Nightmares On Wax, Craig Charles and most recently Giles Peterson...


So it's a real pleasure to have him on board, welcome to the family Bro!


Find him here:


Here are a few words from the man himself, and we are fortunate to have a track by track commentary from him also:


“I was thrilled to be asked to compile an edition of #Duskdubs and after hearing about it, I loved the concept and the enthusiasm. I've always had a very eclectic taste when it comes to music and #DuskDubsoffers a platform to express this across many genres whilst also keeping very much within a certain vibe and feel.


For this edition I've cherry picked tracks that have stuck with me through the years and tunes I never really get chance to play out in my usual DJ sets. You will find Downtempo gem's nestled against soundtracks and Australian Library Records, Classic Hip Hop hunkered down with folky psychedelic Jazz and Deep House huggin' timeless Hardcore, and even a bit of laid back Jungle thrown in too.


So with Winter now in full and swing, kick back and get warming those cockles....... warm and easy”




1. Sub Sub - Past (1992)
2. Nightmares On Wax - Rise (1995)
3. Nightmares On Wax - Rise (Reprise) (1995)
4. Wagon Christ - Down Under (1995)
5. Fila Brazillia - President Chimp Toe (1998)
6. Johnny Harris & His Orchestra - Footprints On The Moon (1970)
7. Sven Libaek - Misty Canyon (1970)
8. Tom Scott - Today (1967)
9. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y) (1992)
10. Grand Puba - I Like It (I Wanna Be Where Your Are) (1995)
11. Aim - Just Passin' Through (1998)
12. Block 16 - Find An Oasis (Fug Remix) (2001)
13. Fragile State - Panacea (Jimpster Remix) (2003)
14. Georg Levin - When I'm With You (Original Version) (2001 )
15. Doc Scott - Far Away (Fourteen Flavours Of Funk) (1994)
16. Skanna - This Way (1993)


Sub Sub - Past (1992) :

What can I say about this. A classic 'Ibiza' tune. 2.5 minutes of pure joy. I could listen to this on loop for 2.5 days, ha. A perfect tune to start off with and sets the mood for the rest of the mix. Oh and for all the Anoraks out there. The guys behind Sub Sub went on to become the successful 3 piece band 'The Doves'.


Nightmares On Wax - Rise > And Reprise (1995)

Awesome tune from an awesome downtempo album (Smokers Delight) so good I couldn't help but include 'The Reprise' version too. This always reminds me of my travels as I included this on a mixtape that I took backpacking with me > Sunshine On Wax.


Wagon Christ - Down Under (1995)

Deep deep tune from a very deep album by the very talented Wagon Christ aka Luke Vibert. One for 'the Smokers' out there and a tune released when Trip Hop was at it's peak. Check the languid bass roll.....


Fila Brazillia - President Chimp Toe (1998)

A standout tune from a lovely album by the kings of Downtempo. The Fila Brazillia boys were very prolific, mainly in the 90's but the quality was always top notch. I love the warmth and humour they put into their music. Strictly hammock vibes.


Johnny Harris And His Orchestra - Footprints On The Moon (1970)

A majestic cinematic piece of music. I've always loved old soundtracks and instrumental library music. Especially from the 60's and 70's. Music that makes you feel like a movie star.... whilst floating through space, ha


Sven Libaek - Misty Canyon (1970)

3 minutes of sheer musical bliss. Sven Libaek is an Australian Composer and made many soundtracks for film and TV, especially in the 60's. Sexy and seductive vibes.


Tom Scott - Today (1967)

I love this cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic. I first discovered Tom Scott's version through a sax lick from the solo being sampled for the next track on this comp. A very psychedelic sound that blends together Folk and Jazz from that era.


Pete Rock & CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y. They Reminisce Over You (1992)

A classic Hip Hop joint that for me follows Tom Scott's Today perfectly as the Sax was sampled from it. That's what I love about classic Hip Hop production. Joining the dots between a sample and it's original source. Which was usually from some old obscure jazz or funk record. This track was one of those golden age Hip Hop tracks that I remember seeing on MTV Raps which I watched religiously when I got home from school.


Grand Puba - I Like It 'I Wanna be where you are' (1995)

Another slice of classic 90's Hip Hop from one of my favourite MC's (and most underated for me) 'Grand Puba'. Love the laid back flow to this one. Cool and deadly. Naughty lyrics too, ha


Aim - Just Passin' Through (1998)

Lovely soulful piece of Instrumental Hip Hop from the man like Aim. One of the shining lights in UK Hip Hop and downtempo beats back in the 90's and early 00's and released on Grand Central records which could do no wrong for me.


Block 16 - Find An Oasis > Fug Remix (2001)

The name say's it all on this desert island nugget of soulful housey grooves. Given the Fug Live remix treatment, this is one of those tracks that never fails to send your thoughts drifting off to warmer climbs.


Fragile State - Panacea > Jimpster Remix (2003)

Absolutely love this. It's all about the steady build up. I'm not the world's biggest House fanboy but Jimpster is up there for me. Whether it be his full on Deep House productions or his more laid back tracks like this remix he did for old Big Chill favourites and now sadly defunct Fragile State > Splendid stuff!


Georg Levin - When I'm With You > Original Version (2001)

I first heard this beauty on a Mix CD called 'Off Limits 2' by top Berlin Deep House producer and DJ, Dixon (who is actually on production duty on this) when I was in Australia on my travels. I love the obscure vocal delivery from Georg and the awesome melody and sunny loved up feel to this record. Released on Dixon's own Recreation Records which is part of the very much respected and consistently high quality German Label, Sonar Kollektiv.


Doc Scott - Far Away > Fourteen Flavours Of Funk (1994)

I couldn't compile this edition of #DuskDubs without cheekily squeezing in a bit of classic old skool Jungle. A genre of music, which to me is still very much misunderstood by many. Doc Scott was not only one of the biggest DJ's on the scene back in the day but also one of the best producers too. This laid back slice of sophisticated Jungle was released on one of my favourite jungle/DnB labels back then..... METALHEADZ.


Skanna - This Way (1993)

Finally, to finish off, I JUST HAD TO include this absolute gem (and probably one of my all time favourite tracks from any genre) by producer John Graham aka Skanna. This record was so ahead of the pack at the time. A time when the darker elements of breakbeat/hardcore rave music had taken over. I first heard this on an old Studio mixtape by one of my favourite DJ's, LTJ Bukem. It was included in a Set of top quality tunes but it still stood out by a country mile. Although the production now feels slightly outdated the feel to this piece of music is just Timeless and a record I'll never get bored of listening to.