This week we have the honour of inviting Skeleton Recordings boss DJ Monita back to the series. Over the last year, DJ Monita has become a force again. Selling records, tearing up the air waves, many feel like he has picked up where he left off and they are very thankful for it. But not only has he got the full support of those who were with him in the early 90’s, but he has captured a new generation of Jungalists and proved it will never die. None of what has happened for Monita, and the Skeleton Recordings camp has happened through luck. It has happened for honest, wholesome reasons. Hard work, hard work and more hard work. Monita has given a lot to this love of his, and you can tell. He is an inspiration to old and new, if you really believe in your music and your cause, don’t sit on your ass and wait for it to happen, make it happen.


This #DuskDubs volume is perfect. It’s the flip side. It’s that moment when you put down the laptop/phone, you dim the light, you open a cold beer, put your feet up, sink into a comfy chair and physically feel all the weight and stresses float away. Monita deserves this moment, and he isn’t alone so we thank him for giving us an hour of the some of the most incredible music ever produced.


Find DJ Monita here:



Here are some words from this week’s selector, DJ Monita:


“Being asked to compile a second volume for the #DuskDubs lads was a complete honour as I have always enjoyed being involved with the series and guys.

When I done my Vol. 30, it was something that I pieced together with tracks that meant a lot from when I first started venturing out into the underground rave scene.

This volume however is different. Everyone knows me as this dark and heavy Drum & Bass guy, so I wanted to show and prove that there is a chilled out, softer side of Mr Monita. I name this selection 'The Earth Volume' as every track was selected from the LTJ Bukem 'Earth' series.


So, here it is, my 'Earth Volume' #DuskDubs selection.
Enjoy, Monita.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a big "thank you" to all of you that have supported both myself and Skeleton Recordings since the re-launch over the past year. It really does mean a lot.


Shouts to the creators Tommy, Jon, Leighton and also to all past, present and future #DuskDubs volumes selectors.


Big respect and love to all my Twitter and Facebook followers.

An extra special shout to Depo, Remedee, Twindad, Demodulated, Morgan OSL, Linda Mrs G, Penny 'Jungle Muffin', Locksista, Woody Jungle, Reece Danns, Erts, Old Tree, Old Skool Dave, Daz Vibe, Shoggy and all the OOS crew, Dave Faze, Nick FX, Nibbers, Headgear, Hughsee, Louise Plus One, Thumbzo, DJ Stretch, Threshold, Ricky Force, Soul Intent, Flashback and all the Dream FM Family and friends.”


01. Makato - Introduction (instrumental)
02. Big Bud - Spiritual
03. Longers & Forces Of Nature - Nature's Way
04. PFM - How Do You Do
05. Tayla and Artemis - Soft Focus
06. Bjorn - Distorted Reality
07. Tayla - Stargazing
08. The Freckles - See The Rain
09. Artemis - Silver Dawn
10. Sian – Contraband