This week we welcome Lovingdjing Andy to the family. Andy clearly lives and breathes music, whether it’s his daily posts of tracks on social media or the sharing of pictures of his ‘musical DJ man cave’ .. Andy is thinking, talking, sharing music 24/7 .. 365. In addition to attending club nights , festivals etc, you can find him most weekends, live on air, throwing down the beats…”loving Dj’ing”…. on his radio show on


Here are a few words from the man himself…..


Can I just say what an honor it was when I was asked to be part of the #DuskDubs family so huge respect to Jon , Tommy and Leighton. So really my journey into the realm of music started when me mum bought my 1st 12” record – ‘Kids TV themes from the 70s’. But it probably wasn’t until 1983 that I heard Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambataa’s ‘Planet Rock’ that hooked me into the Electro Breakdance scene, and I still have the scars to prove it - for it was whilst doing the famous windmill indoors that I crashed into the my fireplace nearly breaking me neck.


But even so I used to love purchasing electro tapes and then cranking them out on the local high street corner with the huge ghetto-blaster which needed 12 huge car batteries to run it. So, already I was on the right path in the music scene and it was when I went to me 1st rave at the Hammersmith Palais in 1991 and the Prodigy were just starting out, and I thought yes please… I want more, and that was it. I was reborn into the hardcore Rave scene #World Dance,Helter Skelter.Ravealation,Club UK
etc... Every Saturday going to various record shops i.e. Lucky Spin, Mash, Troublesome Records to name just a few, and just to hear the latest pressings was enough for me to buy the latest releases and also coming out with an arm full of flyers, which we would all look at and choose where to rave. So I’m so glad I have been a part of the hardcore, jungle, techno, and house scene and hear is just a handful of different tunes from different genres that I have chosen which sum up my musical
taste .........


Enjoy All, Respect.


1.FSOL- Far Out Son Of Lung
2.Air - Ce Matin La
3.E -lustrious - Given U No Rest
4.DJ Duke - so in love with u (Ripon jojo& duke remix)
5.KLF - The White Room
6.Barrington Levy - Englishman
7.Loose ends - Hanging On A String
8.Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored
9.Key Matic -Breakin In Space
10.Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun
11.JmJ & Riche - Free La Funk (PFM Mix)
12. Intense – The Genesis Project