This week we welcome Modernista to the DuskDubs family, He caught our eye and has been on the DD radar for sometime after seeing him post numerous quality tunes on Twitter. Anything from jungle, reggae, hardcore, 80's pop to the 'Summer Of Love' sounds of the 60's. This very much eclectic taste and his knowledge of music in general makes him perfect for the DuskDubs mixtape series.



“My main influence originally was my dad who was part of the Mod scene in the 60s/70s. Our house was always filled with the sounds of Northern Soul and Motown. Growing up in Ladbroke Grove with the West Indian and Caribbean influences brought me into the Reggae and Ska sounds in the 80s. I started listening to pirate stations in the late 80's early 90's and also the Radio 1 and Kiss underground shows, so a lot of the direction I took was upon myself and my own explorations. In 1992 a friend of mine named Paul who was also into the early Rave music took me to Orange at Astoria and the rest is History as they say. Again, after finding another person at College in 1993/94 who was into underground music, I then leaned towards the darker, dubs and breaks of the newly forming Jungle scene and that has pretty much stayed with me for over 20 years.


DJs/Producers that have influenced me, Carl Cox, Todd Terry, Fabio, LTJ Bukem, Randall, Andy C, Hype, Marc Mac, Goldie


Films that have influenced me musically, I would say the main one has to be Bladerunner, Vangelis on the soundtrack to that film was visionary. Also some of the early gangster films like Juice, Menace 2 Society, Boyz in da Hood they all had local youth urban style soundtracks.


Well I hope you all enjoy this selection, I have balanced some of my favourite music to go with the Dusk Dubs feel and although some tracks may already been in people’s minds I hope this jogs some memories and introduces some sounds you haven’t heard before”


1. Lana Del Rey- Blue Jeans (Instrumental) 
2. Masta Ace - Saturday Night Live 
3. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt2 (Instrumental) 
4. The Pharcyde- Passing me by 
5. Thievery Corp - Stargazer 
6. Frances Ashman - Peculiar Groove 
7. Hip-Hop Beats - White Rabbit (ablerton live) 
8. Pink Floyd - Shine On Crazy Diamond (Instrumental) 
9. 808 State - Olympic 
10. Sydney Youngblood - If Only I Could 
11. MI7 - Rocking Down House (81 DnB Remake)
12. Koda - The Deep




1. Blue Jeans - 1st heard this on an advert and was blown away by the production and Del Rays amazing vocals, this version is the instrumental but it has a fresh hip hop feel to it and an addictive loop an sample.


2. Saturday Night Live - Masta Ace is a great vocalist/MC and very underrated, when gangster rap was coming to the fore this was a refreshing change and has a great sample again. The off-beat/ on-beat rapping is on point too


3. Shook Ones Pt2 - Great Beat, haunting piano sample.


4. Passing Me By - In my journey into Rap I stumbled across The Pharcyde, I was drawn to the lyrics, the vibe, female vocals and the whole ethos behind looking back/looking forward. Everyone can remember a lost love. Sampled in Jungle tracks.


5. Stargazer – Actually 1st heard this on a computer game soundtrack but I love the reggae/dub aspect to the tune and also the again the haunting female vocal.


6. Peculiar Groove – From the soundtrack to one of my favourite British films, nil by mouth. This has a stunning vocal by Frances and a hypnotic beat.


7. White Rabbit – An alternative version of the Jefferson Airplane classic. Run over hip hop beats and containing samples from The Matrix, it also maintains grace dents unique voice in chopped up samples to deliver a track to open and free your mind.


8. Shine On You Crazy Diamond – The Pink Floyd seminal track, stripped down to just the basics, just close your eyes and be taken away by pure brilliance.


9. Olympic (Flutes Mix) – This reminds of secondary school, the Olympic rings logo, everyone was on the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays but I was already thinking this is something much different and has lots of scope for new sounds.


10. If Only I Could – Beautiful Lyrics, reminds me of a carefree summers day, great house track with amazing sample. Just makes you want to smile in a world of hurt and hate.


11. Rocking Down the House – Early Breakbeat Jungle prototype sound, reggae/dub beat and rolling sub bass. Vocals are stunning, best heard in a cloud of smoke, lasers and strobes.


12. The Deep – This tune just carries you away somewhere with its atmospheric beats, samples, pacing. Randall pushed this tune heavily in the non-commercial raves such as Quest so to hear it you really had to be listening out there to all of the early Breakbeat/Jungle/DnB sounds.