This week we welcome back Bartisimmo. Since his initial volume in YR-01 Bart has continued to involve himself with all things DuskDubs, whether it's sporting the #DuskDubs brand abroad and sending pics back for the gallery or posting his own choice DuskDubs selections on twitter. So, standby for another amazing selection from the man – taking us on an eclectic journey which touches many musical bases, all in his own inimitable style…



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Here are a few words from this weeks selector:


To be part of this as a listener and supporter is awesome - seeing the evolution of DuskDubs in less than 2 years has been an absolute pleasure and is no more than Tommy, Jon & Leighton deserve given the dedication to the craft and the level of work they all put in week in, week out. The musical journey that continues to play out every Sunday is knowing no bounds right now and long may it continue. It's one of the highlights of my week listening to see what's going to unfold at 12 noon GMT every Sunday. Even to the point where in some ways, I'm glad I can't always get to look at the track-list before I listen to a new edition (my iPad, don't worry - 1st world problems!), as some of the beauty of each Sunday DuskDubs selection is just sitting back, listening to it and enjoying it.


So here's my 2nd selection - hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I agonized over choosing it.




Simon aka Bartisimmo aka Bart





1) Code M.D. - Higher (Guerilla in Dub Mix)

2) Greater Than One – Dubkiller

3) Bloody Tadi – Like Mayo On My Fries

4) Eddie Shin – Awesome Monday

5) The Love Quadrant – Ode To The Rhythm

6) The Jesus & Marychain – 9 Million Rainy Days (Los Lopez Edit)

7) Orbital – The Box (Untitled Version 1)

8) Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Remix)

9) DR Packer – We Got The Acid Funk (Fingerman's Mo' Breakin' Rework)

10) James – Come Home (Skunk Weed Skank Mix)

11) DJ Shadow Feat. Roots Manuva – GDMFSOB (UNKLE Uncensored Mix)