This week’s volume is a Selectors Special – this time the concept is a little different from that of YR-01.  Created from a night of posting individual #DuskDubs tracks on Twitter  back on Friday 17th October last year – “Freestyle Friday”. Sometime after we began sifting through the 80 odd tracks that were posted that night, (a massive thank you to Bartissimo for listing all the tracks posted and their selectors), and compiled them into a volume which we hope you will enjoy as an individual mixtape, and that will also highlight the wide variety and influences of those that follow, love and enjoy DuskDubs.


Thank you to all those that got involved that night and thank you to those that continue to post their personal DuskDubs’ tracks whenever they feel the need, this one is for you.


1) Sabres of paradise - Haunted Dancehall (Performed By In The Nursery) – Selected By Markey P

2) Pietro Mascagni - Cavelleria Rusticana Intermezzo – Selected By  1210technics

3) The Doors - Riders On The Storm – Selected By Bartissimo

4) Kraak & Smaak - Man Of Constant Sorrow – Selected By Stringer

5) Red snapper w/ Alison David - Image Of You – Selected By Gidman

6) Gravediggaz - The Night The Earth Cried  – Selected By DJ Remedee

7) Gorillaz - Stop The Dams – Selected By Modernista

8) Meat Beat Manifesto - Asbestos Lead Asbestos – Selected By Demodulated

9) Dbridge - Wonder Where - Selected By DJOmm

10) Eleven8 - Colours Of Distance – Selected By  Oldskoolrhythm

11) Portishead - Wandering Star -  Selected By Mark Boo

12) Nor Elle - Ethnic Collapse – Selected By General Camel

13) Zero 7 - Give It Away – Selected By Depoeism

14) Monolake - Cubicle – Selected By Twindad

15) Eskimo Twins - 3 Days Of The Condor - Selected By Danny Mac

16) The Prodigy - Weather Experience - Selected By Johnny Earl

17) Dave Wallace - Waves  -  Selected By Soundaffected