This week we welcome back Jaz Didu to the show. Firstly, this guy can DJ. FACT. His mixes are off the charts, spanning many genres and powering through with track after track after track without any let up in flare and direction. When someone of this calibre is around, we love taking away their DJ persona, their decks and their mixing mindset, and giving them the opportunity to give us something different. Jaz doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy an insight into this man’s record collection. A special mention to Daniel Gamwell for the incredible artwork he provided Jaz for this weeks mixtape.


Find him here:


Here are a few words from the man himself…..


It’s been an absolute privilege to have been able to compile a second installment for the #DuskDubs series. The compilation endured many cuts, additions and reshuffles throughout its ontogeny before it settled into something that I was happy with.


The compilation draws on many of my own influences from electronic music down the years. I have always been partial to a broken beat, and this apparent in the selection. Kicking off with the soothing acoustic guitar riffs of Gomez, it moves into the modern bass music sounds of Pearson Sound, James Blake, Synkro and a reinvented Evil Nine. These artists, along with the likes of Roska and Moderat, optimise my current tract in bass music.  More vocal cuts then appear in the form of Jessy Lanza and Fever Ray (the latter a shamelessly indulgent pick) all the while assorted with the haunting sound of Duncan Powell and the wonderful Gold Panda. Things then get funky with London Elektricity and Plump DJs before you are hit with an absorbing slice of Moderat. We then go back to the guitar to finish of with a luscious piece from EgoExpress.


I want to thank all those in the #DuskDubs family, especially the main men who started it all off.  The level of professionalism and commitment that goes into keeping this thriving series going is nothing short of remarkable, and I am sure I will continue on its rise.


Enjoy the listen.





1. Gomez – Tijnana Lady

2. Pearson Sound – Stifle

3. Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix)

4. Versa, Synkro - She Said (Original Mix)

5. Evil Nine - Crystalline (Original Mix)

6. Jessy Lanza - 5785021 (Original Mix)

7. Duncan Powell – Intensions

8. Fever Ray - Triangle Walks

9. Gold Panda – You

10. Roska – Measureless

11. London Elektricity - Round the Corner (Original Mix)

12. Plump DJs - Tilt (Original Mix)

13. Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Original Mix)

14. EgoExpress - Aranda (Original Mix)