This week we welcome back Toronto's Brian 'Demodulated'. A enthusiastic DJ and music producer, Brian has been involved in releasing his own music on and off since 1994. All to be found via the website links below.


After Brian mentioned that his last Dusk Dubs volume was one of the most enjoyable projects he got involved in last year, it was obvious to us that we needed to ask him back again. For this volume Brian offers us an insight into his current musical headspace, of course all in his own individual Dusk Dubs style.



You can find him here:



Here are a few words from the man himself...


It's a huge honour to return to #DuskDubs. Love this series and its participants. 


We start out on an amen boom bap journey, make a little stop-off in synth town, and roll it on out into some heady soothers. I tried to maintain a more gradual progression this time around. My first DuskDubs represented many of my old favourites whereas this one is more indicative of my current digs.





1: Mount Kimbie - Would Know

2: Hypnotic Melody - Dance of the Magi

3: Happy Campers - No Mind

4: Mix Master Mike – Well Wicked

5: King Fahtie - Robobum

6: Autechre - Rotar

7: The Orb - Secrets

8: Bernard Fevre - Molecule Dance

9: Todd Terje - Leisure Suit Preben

10: Peaking Lights - Breakdown

11: Kinder Atom - MMM!

12: Jon Hallur - Safe Trade Routes

13: Simian Mobile Disco - Seraphim

14: Air Liquide - Liquid Air



1: Mount Kimbie - Would Know - These guys opened for Squarepusher at a concert last year and they were great! Kind of a post-garage style. Very talented fellows who would tweak knobs, smash pads, trade guitars between stanzas, and basically appear very busy despite their relaxing sounds. I bought everything they made as soon as I got home. 


2: Hypnotic Melody - Dance of the Magi - A tune I wrote as a teenager, cobbled together in ScreamTracker 3 for DOS with pop and video game samples. Apologies to Enigma and NIN. 


3: Happy Campers - No Mind  - Remarc's cough syrup overdose hallucinations. 


4: Mix Master Mike – Well Wicked - Moody moody choppage.


5: King Fahtie - Robobum - Really does sound like a robobum shaking with a screw loose.


6: Autechre - Rotar - The Rain Men of techno. This tune, like so many of theirs, blossoms with infinite detail no matter how far you zoom into the fractal. An inescapable robot lullaby defrag. 


7: The Orb - Secrets - A dichotomy of heavy percussion versus breezy bells. Orblivion is unquestionably a desert island album. Continued mild. 

8: Bernard Fevre - Molecule Dance This sneaky tune reminds me of the Atomium sculpture in Belgium my wife and I visited on our honeymoon. 


9: Todd Terje - Leisure Suit Preben - Halfway between Jan Hammer and point-and-click adventure game soundtrack. I love when an artist has the courage to switch up the time signature.


10: Peaking Lights - Breakdown - Dub, synthpop, ska, and electroclash swirl around this blasé husband/wife duo. Groovy apathy. 


11: Kinder Atom - MMM! - This Toronto acid techno group knows how to throw together a jungle lullaby. 


12: Jon Hallur - Safe Trade Routes - Sweeping bass tundra. I test new speakers with this roller. From the game EVE Online's stunning 6.5 hour ambient soundtrack. (buy the game and the soundtrack's yours in high bitrate OGG format) 


13: Simian Mobile Disco - Seraphim - Emotion consolidated. 


14: Air Liquide - Liquid Air - Hardfloor dreaming of Terrence McKenna. Very rewarding on headphones.