This week we welcome back Oldskool Rhythm...a 42 year old vinyl collector, who started buying vinyl in the early 80's from outlets such as  "Woolworths" & "Our Price" and local independant record outlets, no specific genre, if he liked it, he bought it. It's this attitude to music that we love here at Dusk Dubs, embracing all genres and styles....



Here are a few words from the man himself...



Once again it is a pleasure to be asked to compile another volume for Dusk Dubs.


Each of my selections evoke a memorable moment in time for me.This volume represents the artists i've stumbled across in the past and also more recently, those that are worthy of a listen from the Dusk Dubs crowd.There are some Blues/Funk/Jazz influences in there, that played throughout my last volume, a few forgotten classics & some inspirational atmospheric beats. I hope you enjoy listening, as much as i did putting it together.


I enjoy listening every Sunday, to more often than not, sounds that i've never

heard, or long forgotten classics. It's been a great journey & long may it continue. 


Dusk Dubs is a great concept & i'm happy to be a part of it. Big shout to the hard working trio that make it happen and to the crowd that make it all worthwhile.



You can find him here:











1) Tino - Ghost Dub

2) Synkro - Distant Feeling

3) Volor Flex - I Miss You

4) Sub Sub - Space Face

5) Dusty Springfield - Spooky

6) Eleven8 - Alone

7) St Germain - Pont de Art

8) ASC - Ghost Train

9) Depeche Mode - Dream On