This week we have the pleasure of welcoming James Mayall to select for Dusk Dubs. James started DJing over 20 years ago and collecting since the age of 14, along the way he has amassed a wealth of musical knowledge, influenced by the legenday Andy Weatherall at Bloodsugar at the Blue Note, the DiY Collective out of Nottingham, and single one-off moments such as the now famous BBC Essential Mix by David Holmes. It is in fact, this attention to the single moment that guides him musically... hearing the right piece of music at the right time lodges it permanently in James head and of course his ever growing record collection.. It's all about the Time, The place....The Moment.



Here are a few words from the man himself...


It goes without saying that it was an honour to be asked to submit a volume of Dusk Dubs, thanks for getting me involved. A 2 year old baby daughter means my days of clubbing and DJing are few and far between these days, but I still try to keep discovering new and old music, and occasionally play out as part of Digital City and Siege Mentality plus I have a regular show on


This selection is a literal take on the title Dusk Dubs - I wanted to put a selection of tunes together that were perfect for chilling with a cold one as the sun goes down. This is music for the mind and soul, hope you enjoy.



You can find him here:

James Mayall/Mixes

James Mayall/Design Portfollio





1) Major Force West EMS Orchestra - Mugen - In The Morning


A beautiful piece of chill out from the Major Force West EMS Orchestra off the LP "93-97", compiling all their work from that era. On Mo Wax records, can be picked up for peanuts on Discogs, worth doing so for this track alone.



2) Kona Triangle - Mango Rubicon


Lone (Matt Cutler) collaborated with Keaver & Brause to produce a great LP “Sing A New Sapling Into Existence”. Has all of Lone’s trademark sounds on it, but a lot more chilled out than the rest of his output.



3) Benny Tones - Firefly ft Mara TK


I’m a huge fan of Electric Wire Hustle and it turns out their live engineer is a fantastic producer in his own right. Benny Tones’ debut LP “Chrysalis” is well worth picking up, with guest spots from Mara TK (EWH), Joe Dukie (Fat Freddy’s Drop) and more. Caught him live supporting Electric Wire Hustle on their 1st UK tour and his set blew me away.



4) Onra - My Comet


One of my favourite producers, could not put this mix together without chucking something off his seminal LP “Long Distance” on here. This track was originally put out by All City as part of the 7x7 7” series. It’s worth checking out the BB&Q Band’s “Genie” to see where inspiration for this track came from.



5) Darkhouse Family - Stay Blazed


From the “Family Trees” EP released on Fat City records in 2010. Awesome production - 80’s synth sounds and what a snare!! 



6) Tropics - Melorr


Great track from the b-side of Tropic’s debut 12” on Planet Mu. The screaming guitar loop gets me every time.



7) Sad City - Polymath


On Phonica’s own label, this is a lovely piece of chilled out house music. I love the weird kick drum on this, feels like it’s sucking the sound out of your ears.



8) Shelter Point - Braille


On Hotflush, this is very different from the rest of the label’s output (at least to the date it came out). Hazy and woozy, just how I like it.



9) Bullion - Are You The One


Again, this mix wasn’t going out without at least 1 Bullion track on it. “Are You The One” sounds quite brutal on 1st listen, but that fierce bass is tempered by a lovely vocal, sounds fantastic anywhere, but if you have access to a massive warehouse and a big system then it positively bounces off the walls :D One of the most important producers working today IMO.



10) Harry Craze - Wa6


Deep Medi Music was kind of thrown in the Dubstep section of most record shops, but this record label’s output was sooooooo much more than that. This tune by Harry Craze is serious head music, perfect for home listening with herbal accompaniment (how I miss that).



11) Synkro - Look At Yourself


One of my friends described this as “night bus music” - great for listening to on the way back from a club at 5am with the sun coming up. Can’t argue with that - another amazing English producer, so prolific as well.



12) Machinedrum - Centre Your Love


I was really indecisive about which Machinedrum track I wanted to put on here, plumped for “Centre Your Love” in the end, just fitted well with the rest of the vibe on here and I just love the keys on this track. It’s a pretty hectic tune but sooo chilled at the same time.



13) J Kenzo - Conqueror (DJ Heny G Soul remix)


Wasn’t going to allow myself any remixes but then I realised this track had to be included. This came at me out of the blue a few years ago, the snare absolutely RIPS.



14) Photek - Rings Around Saturn


One of my top 5 tunes of all time. Is it D&B or chill out? Perfect for the floor or when you have fallen on the floor. Stunning production, the attention to detail on this track is something else.



15) José James - Love


After all that electronic music I thought I’d finish with something more organic. Jose James obviously has an amazing voice, but what stands out here is the mind blowing drumming of Richard Spaven. I had the pleasure of being resident DJ at a night he co-ran in an unassuming basement bar near Trafalgar Square a few years back + saw him play with Jose in Barcelona. Best drummer I’ve ever seen live, no contest.