This week we have the pleasure of welcoming back Mrs G. We are blessed many times a month with selectors that we hold dear to the backbone on what we do, and Mrs G has been with us from the start. When you listen to her talk about music, you stop and listen. The passion she feels for it is second to none, it's in her soul. The records she has chosen reflect her beautifully. Energetic, strong, inspirational.


We salute the first lady of Dusk Dubs.



Find Mrs. G here:



Here are a few words from the lady herself.....


This addition of Dusk Dubs is not so much about tempo….but more about the vibe, that feeling you get when a track touches your soul….could be a lyric, could be a melody or a beat. 


Every track I’ve chosen on this mix has some element of that in it (Well for me anyway) and has lifted me when I’ve needed it.  I hope you enjoy this Dusk Dubs as much as I’ve enjoyed choosing the tracks that are special to me.






1) Courtney Pine – Ive Known Rivers (4 Hero Remix)

2) Aquasky – Images

3) Essence of Aura –Let love Shine through

4) Nookie- Celebrate Life

5) Shaun Escoffery – Into the blue (4 Hero Remix)

6) Paul T And Penny Giles – Vibes

7) Edward Oberon – Paradise

8) Zero T Feat Ell – Gota Touch

9) Halogenix – Her Waves

10) Makoto – Inside Your Love (nookie Remix)

11) Commix – Emilys Smile

12) Octo Octo – Deep Hurt