This week we head across the Atlantic Ocean and welcome back Shogun Spy. With it being the 1st of a new month we thought we'd spoil you with a wonderful concept....


In the true spirit of Dusk Dubs....Shogun Spy went down to his local 'thrift store' in San Francisco, and went digging... after a few hours and some seriously dusty fingers - he came a way with a bunch of unknown records - no more than $1 each !!


And its these, and only these, that he has compiled together".



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Here are a few words from the man himself.....


Recycled plastic:


I went record shopping at a local thrift store here in San Francisco and bought anything that looked like Electronic music I paid a dollar each for about 20 records. What a surprise when I got home to play them. Some were dusty and warped and had plenty of static but it just added to the whole vibe. I also recorded into a Vacuum tube pre to give it more fuzzz and added some Effects a DJ scratch ..I couldn't help myself.


Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.






1.Sobo + Zeb Sambafrica

2.Adreana Evans.Reality

3.West Coast Goon Squad.Crazy

4.Invisable Man.Bronx Beatz

5.Blank Label promo 1

6.DJ TeeBee.Orbithing mars

7.Genotech.Tech Jazz

8.Blank Label promo 2

9.John B.Path Finder