This week we invite Hipnotic Jazz, otherwise known as Glen, a maker of music, visuals and other things from Southend on Sea, Essex.  In 1995 Glen started out as a mostly bedroom / friends party DJ, mixing House, Garage, Drum & Bass & Hip Hop.  From 1998 expanded his musical influences to include Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin, Folk, Reggae, 45's, World, Leftfield and everything in between, started DJing at local clubs & bars, and at the same time studied alto and soprano sax, percussion, turntablism and production.  In 2003 Glen switched gears and took on a career supporting young people and families.



Ten years later, Glen conceived Hipnotic Jazz through discovering a new inspiration in visual editing and graphic design, which leads him back to music production, worldwide collaboration and promotion through social media.



Find him here:



Here are a few words from the man himself....


Big shout the Dusk Dubs family for asking me to put this selection together – Dusk Dubs selections are always so on point and I’m stoked to be part of it - big ups!


Essentially my Dusk Dubs is a snapshot of my most influential tracks (although I have to be honest, this barely scratches the service of ALL the music that influences me).  I started by randomly picking out tracks from my vinyl and digital collection, but to be honest, for me it turned out to be a much more personal reflection on how music influences my life (and for anyone who’s ever witnessed my inebriated Facebook/Youtube sessions, no doubt you’ll recognise a few – chin chin!).


As far as representing a moment, this selection is for that time when you’re relaxed and able to reflect, honestly, on how things are – be that your life, society, the world, the choices that people make etc– either relaxing with a beer as night falls after a hot summers days, driving home after a late shift when the roads are empty and you can just glide home, etc etc


The other explanation is my own personal representation on how music not only influences me creatively, but has actually opened my eyes to a whole new world over the years.  That world, for me, included learning about the social injustices prevalent for all the black artists and musicians whose records I used to dig for back in the day (initially music that hip hop samples put me on to), and then reading about their stories and the cultural context at the time.  Over time, and reflecting that understanding in to different contexts, I came to the conclusion that music is actually the source of so much hope in the world – now, then and hopefully in the future.  Music is something that transcends the reality of here and now, and gives the listener an opportunity to see any and everything from a whole different and much bigger perspective.  That, in a nut shell, is what music means to me, and what the selection represents (when I thought about it after I selected it anyway!).


So….deep / sentimental S*%t aside, hopefully this selection just adds another perspective to how amazing music really is, when you think about it - Enjoy! :)










1. Fat Freddys Drop - Hope

2. Innerzone Orchestra - People Make the World Go Round

3. Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto

4. Curtis Mayfield - Blue Monday People

5. Gil Scott Heron – The Prisoner

6. Erykah Badu - Soldier

7. Musiq Man feat Sophie Paul  -  Another Late Night

8. Tiombe Lockhart - Tip Of My Tongue

9. 2 Banks Of 4 - Perilous Ways

10. Attica Blues - Atlanta

11. Cinematic Orchestra feat Roots Manuva – All Things To All Men

12. Yaw - Where Would You Be

13. John Coltrane - Acknowledgment.