This week we welcome the return of Stuart Ingram to Dusk Dubs, this time under his new alias 'Stringer'. There has been a lot of positive movements since we last has the pleasure of his involvement. Production work in the pipeline, playing various gigs, often playing only vinyl, and his new residency with Bocuma in Manchester all display his hard working ethic. Always vocal online with various blog posts and reviews, he is always ahead of the game and eases into discussions about any era of music. We are proud to let him lose this week, expect a real journey.



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Here are a few words from the man himself....


First a massive thanks to the Dusk Dubs crew for asking me to do a second volume. It's an absolute privilege to be involved, and to see Dusk Dubs growing as a result of the hard work put into it. Ya chest as you lot would say.


Putting these tracks together was a uniquely enjoyable process, different to anything else I've done musically. As a DJ I constantly think of pieces of music in terms of tempo, pitch, and features and parts in each track to work out how they should be mixed and EQ'ed. It took a while to free myself from that and let the tracks find their place organically. The selections came from a group of about 40 tracks - arrived at with much adding, removing, re-arranging, and listening, over and over and over. There was a point where I had at least four different directions I wanted to take it, and finding the right vibe was a slow process, gradually oscillating around the final selections.


Every track here has a strong memory for me - a first experience, an emotional resonance, or a creative identification.


Music for the soul. Music for the night.





1. Ed Lewis – I Be So Glad When The Sun Goes Down

2. Dadawah – Run Come Rally

3. Pretty Lights – Finally Moving

4. Gil Scott-Heron – New York Is Killing Me

5. RJD2 – Salud

6. Brooklyn Funk Essentials – The Creator Has A Master Plan

7. Galliano – Skunk Funk

8. Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa

9. Kraak & Smaak – Jolie Banane

10. Voodoo Drums – Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh!

11. Lemon Jelly – Experiment No.6

12. Laurie Anderson – O Superman