This week sees the return of DJ Charge, who's previous volumes have been firm favourites here at Dusk Dubs towers. Once again he comes with a heavyweight selection, tracks which have resonated with Charge over the years and that have developed or been formed out of club culture. 



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Here are a few words from the man himself....


To say I am excited about releasing my 3rd mix on Dusk Dubs is an understatement. The first two challenged me to dig deep and ensure that I didn't let down the volumes that proceeded my own mix. From the feedback I received I think I managed to encapsulate the vibe that is created by the Dusk Dubs family and I hope that this mix you are about to hear will be another successful chapter in my Dusk Dubs journey.

Once again I have tried to tip my hat to some of the greatest producers and acts our scene has produced whilst focussing my attention on my Jungle roots, Bass and tunes that I believe represent the Dusk Dubs vibe, I hope you enjoy this mix and big up to the whole Dusk Dubs family.





1 King Tubby - Trim the Barber
2 Shy Fx ft Liam Bailey - Soon Come
3 Mala - In Luv
4 Die & Break ft Fats & Buggsy - Peace and Dub
5 Portishead - Numb
6 Digital Mystikz - Anti War Dub
7 Digital & Irie J - Crazy Girl
8 Roy Davies Jr - Gabriel
9 Soul 2 Soul - Back 2 Life (Club Mix)
10 Fingers Inc - Can You Feel It (Vocal Mix)
11 Skanna - Night Stalker
12 The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Nu Tone Remix)
13 SUV ft Patricia Marx - Making Waves
14 Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy


King Tubby - I Trim the Barber - Arguably the greatest Dub producer of all time....yes I know there are others but I can't be on Volume 3 without bigging up the King. This is a Dub classic and the perfect way to start this mix, Sampled by ST Files and Calibre in Red Light it even brings in some Jungle from the start!

Shy Fx - Soon Come - Summer Vibes shining through your speaker box right here, Shy FX is one of my favourite producers and has been since his early productions such as Gangsta Kid and Original Nuttah. This track is a bit different to his usual style. A beautiful Reggae tune that has the lot, lyrics, trumpets, bass and of course those Shy Fx Vibes!

Mala - In Luv - There has been a lot said about Dubstep, but as with most genres when it's done right there is no denying its quality, Mala in my opinion leads the way and this tune has the lot. With lyrics sampled from the Stephen Marley and Erykah Badu tune In Love with you, Mala brings a killer Beat and Bass that will shake any speaker box, Dusk Dubs to the bone!

Break, Die Mc Fats and Buggsy - Peace and Dub - Break is a modern day genius, his production skills second to none. Die needs no introduction and whenever these guys colab you know that it is going to be one hell of a tune, Fats and Bugsy on lyrical duty here. The vibe reminiscent of that mid 90's Bristol sound that everyone in their mid to late 30's would recognise, what a tune and perfect for any Dusk Dubs selection.

Portishead - Numb - One of the originators of the 90's Bristol sound, this tune is a perfect Dusk Dubs tune and I feel the perfect way to follow Peace and Dub. Trip hop is a genre that just reminds me of those hazy 90's when music began to influence everything that I did. Moody lyrics, a Steppa's beat and vibe that still makes my hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Digital Mystik - Anti War Dub - Mala and Cokie on the controls for this Dub roller. I am a Bass man though and through but on this tune for me it's about that killer beat and the lyrics from Spen G are a perfect accompaniment. A serious tune from two of the best Dubstep producers around.

Digital and Irie J - Crazy Girl - The only producer that has featured on every one of my Dusk Dubs mixes, Digital returns on my third volume with this brutal Dub fused Jungle tune. Hard beats, a great Lyric and when that Bass drops on 1 min 50 seconds you cant help but brockout,

Roy Davies Jnr - Gabriel - Those that know me know I am not a huge garage fan but as I said before no matter the genre good music is good music and it dont come much better than this. The vibes that come through your speaker box when this gets dropped are immense, production, lyrics and vibe completley on point, Grab your Girl, Grab your Guy and dance.

Soul ll Soul - Back to Life - This tune needs no introduction and nor do the band that produced it, I had to get some Soul ll Soul into a Dusk Dubs mix and in truth it had to be this tune. Seminal tune, Seminal band nuff said.

Fingers Inc - Can you Feel it (Vocal Mix) - The ultimate house track and one that still sounds fresh 27 years from when it was first released. A proper Dusk Dubs tune in my opinion one that will make many of you listening to this mix close your eyes and let your mind take you back to those dark sweaty raves we all loved so much.

Skanna - Nightstalker - Skanna is a legend, every release from Intimidator to Find Me Remixes form either part of my collection or high on the wants list. A true pioneer and Nightstalker is one of those tracks that captures everything you need to hear about 1993 Rave Music. Acid to Techno, Hardcore to Jungle to Bleeps and Bass this tune has the lot.

Future Sound of London - Papa New Guniea (NuTone Remix) - Longest tune name on a Dusk Dubs mix so far surely! But not why I picked this track. Unlike the tune before Papa New Guniea gets a remix rather than just sampled and NuTone really does the original proud. There were a few remixes flying around at the same time and this one for me stood head and shoulders above the rest.

SUV - Making Waves - Sunshine in your speaker box from Start to Finish, I first heard this on the excellent SUV mix CD Follow the Sun back in 2003. Patricia Marx has one of those voices you could listen to all day and SUV providing the backing beats and bass. This is one of those tunes I draw for time and time again.

Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony - You know me I cant resist switching it up and finishing with a stone cold classic. This is such a beautiful and emotional tune with Shara Nelson's powerful lyrics accompanied by the perfect Trip Hop beat, one of them tunes that you just cant help but sing along to!