This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Steve 'Griffo' Griffiths aka The Flow Mechanik, Wolf Hackmine, Second City Firsts and Brummie Blagger to select for Dusk Dubs. Steve began DJ'ing and producing music in the late 80's, he was a resident at 'Bonkers' which at the time was the only weekly house/techno night in Birmingham. He also went onto be resident dj at the Dance Factory and 'Splosh' sound system, also playing at some of the biggest all night parties in and around the West Midlands in the early 90's. Move on 25 years and Steve's love and passion for the music is still well and truly alive.


Predominantly still playing Deep House and Techno (on various internet radio stations) we knew with his musical knowledge and history he would be able to dig deep in his crates and give us something a little different.....a selection of some old personal favourites and some big inspirational tracks, without a house track in sight....well maybe one or two....enjoy!



Find him here:



Here are a few words from the man himself….


It was a real honour to be asked to compile a list of tracks for Dusk Dubs, but it caused me a headache! Ask me for a list of my fave tunes and it will change every time.


I’m mainly a house and techno dj and originally tried to compile a list of house tracks that would suit Dusk Dubs style of presentation. I couldn’t get a list together! Then my wife, Holly, suggested I just compile a list of the tracks regularly put on at home on a Saturday night, after a few beers.. genius!


So here’s my Dusk Dubs selection, with special thanks to my wife, Holly!





1)  Mark de Clive-Lowe - Sketch For Miguel

2)  Fred Wesley & The JB's - Blow Your Head

3)  The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park

4)  The Fatback Band - Wicky Wacky

5)  Bob James - Take Me Back To The Mardi Gras

6)  Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express

7)  Holy Ghost Inc - Mad Monks On Zinc

8)  Nightmares On Wax - Aftermath

9)  The Specials - Ghost Town (12'' version!)

10) Culture - Two Sevens

11)  Larry Heard - Cycles of Ecstasy

12)  Red Snapper - Hot Flush (Sabres Of Paradise Remix)

13)  David Holmes - 69 Police (Kieran's Remix)

14)  The Aloof - Stuck On The Shelf

15)  God Within - Raincry

16)  Sabres of Paradise - Wilmot's Last Skank


01 Mark de Clive-Low - Sketch for Miguel - A recent new favourite of mine, a Sunday morning track, I don't know much about jazz but I love Miles Davis, this track has a Miles feel to it.


02 Fred Wesley & The JB's - Blow Your Head - This track, which never fails to fill a floor, has been a part of my life since the mid 80's, reminds me of clubs in various towns I visited back then. I used to play this a lot when I started dj'ing in the late 80's at a club called 'Bonkers' in Brum, where my friend Mark Wilson and myself played house, hip hop, funk, soul, rare groove, etc.. then ecstasy took hold and it was a while before things were quite so 'eclectic' in clubs.


03 The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park - Another 80's floor filler, just fabulous.


04 The Fatback Band - Wicky Wacky - I love the Fatback Band, so damn fat and funky.


05 Bob James - Take Me Back To The Mardi Gras - Jazzy vibes, reminds me of ice cream vans when I was kid! Sampled by many including Beastie Boys and Run DMC, ‘nuff said.


06 - Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express - Trouble Funk put their own stamp on the Kraftwerk track that Bambaata had also put his own stamp on. I saw Trouble Funk live in '86. Stunning.


07 Holy Ghost Inc - Mad Monks on Zinc - Dubby spaced out darkness. Bliss.


08 Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath - One of my fave tracks of all time. The North of England re-writing the techno handbook.


09 The Specials - Ghost Town (12'' version) - I'm old enough to remember those bleak days in the early 80's, this record really did sum things up, but in a very enjoyable way!


10 Culture - Two Sevens Clash - I got into Dub and assorted reggae sounds via The Clash, this song gave them their name.


11 Larry Heard - Cycles of Ecstasy - I could have chosen any of Larry / Mr Fingers tracks, hard to choose. The guv'nor.


11 Red Snapper - Hot Flush (Sabres of Paradise Remix) - A great track anyway but Andrew W and co. sent it into the stratosphere. (p.s. I've just unofficially remixed it, find it on my Soundcloud page, search for ‘Second City Firsts’).


12 David Holmes - 69 Police (Kieran's Remix) - Another incredibly talented artist, original mix is equally great, but I prefer the feel of this one.


13 The Aloof - Stuck on The Shelf - Crazy track - nothing quite like this, before or after.


14 God Within – Raincry - I'm never far from this record, or the rest of the Hardkiss catalogue. Blew my mind in '93 and still blows my mind now. I was honoured a while back when Gavin Hardkiss included my Scott Hardkiss tribute mix in his radio show. RIP Scott, we miss you, brother.


15 Sabres of Paradise - Wilmot's Last Skank – Just a bit of fun, my wife and myself cut stupid shapes to this on a regular basis after a few drinks!