This week we welcome Ringo to the Dusk Dubs family. He has a wealth of 'Dubwise' knowledge which he's happily sharing with us this week, so be prepared for some authentic crackles and pops, which come from over two decades of collecting and selecting the best in roots reggae....


Ringo "Come Farrrrward"......



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Here are a few words from the man himself….


I wanted to bring to Dusk Dubs some original Jamaican dub, as well as more recent vocal and instrumental cuts produced nearer to home in the same style. I’ve been selecting on sound system, radio and in clubs and parties for 25 years and collecting roots reggae for nearly 30. Most of these tracks are old friends, a couple more recent, but all touch me at my very core. Some are sound system classics, tried and tested by the roots legends such as Jah Shaka, and others are deeper meditative tunes more suited to a chilled out, smoke heavy sunrise session.


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1. Bamba In Dub - Revolutionaries (Sky Note 7")

2. Conscious Man - Learoy Green (Dub  Addict 12")

3. Dub 4 - Augustus Pablo (Rockers 7")

4. Dungeon - Glen Miller [Wailing Souls] (Mafiatone 7")

5. Hell And Heaven - Lloyd Clarke Sparrow (Dubplate)

6. Humble Dub - Asher & Tremble (Rockers 7")

7. I'm A Levi - Ijahman Levi (Hail I Hymn LP)

8. Jah Fire Will Be Burning  - Hugh Mundell (J&F 12")

9. Mama Dub - Ras Muffet (Forward Roots 10")

10. Man of the Living - Wayne Wade (Yabby You 7")

11. One In A Billion - Luciano & Dub Syndicate (Lion & Roots 7")

12. Solomonic Dub - Bunny Wailer (Solomonic 12")

13. Storm - Gregory Isaacs (Mr Isaacs LP)

14. The Creator - Aisha (Ariwa 12")



Bamba In Dub - Revolutionaries (Sky Note 7") - By the time Sly & Robbie’s Revolutionaries recorded this instrumental at Treasure Isle they had already proved their mettle at Channel One backing the likes of The Mighty Diamonds. This percussive rockers rhythm sounds to these ears to have been recorded at the same sessions as Culture’s late 70’s work, and was later sampled by The Orb for Towers Of Dub.


Conscious Man - Learoy Green (Dub  Addict 12") - In recent years digital dub has reached ever greater audiences in mainland Europe, and this stunning slice of roots comes from the French Dub Addict crew, defying critics who claim dub has become boring and mechanical with a beautifully original melody and vocal underpinned by a hard, driving rhythm.


Dub 4 - Augustus Pablo (Rockers 7") - Here Pablo proves himself as one of the true innovators of Jamaican music. It’s almost impossible to comprehend that this cut up and reassembled experimental masterpiece is almost forty years old. 


Dungeon - Glen Miller [Wailing Souls] (Mafiatone 7") - Few songs evoke the plight of the sufferer more strongly than this deceptively simple plaintiff call by the Wailing Souls from 1972.


Hell And Heaven - Lloyd Clarke Sparrow (Dubplate) - In the ‘70s Jah Shaka would use this track as a warm up as he tuned his valve amps, it’s title remaining a mystery for many years. This unreleased dubplate cut exemplifies the meditative qualities of dropping the mesmerising vocal in and out of the mix, creating a spiralling miasma of sound which draws the listener in.


Humble Dub - Asher & Trimble (Rockers 7") - A one away roots classic on the same rhythm as Horace Andy’s Rock To Sleep showcasing Augustus Pablo’s dubbing genius, calling the arrogant and wicked to mend their ways.


I'm A Levi - Ijahman Levi (Hail I Hymn LP) - A stone cold classic, the whole Hail I Hymn LP could make up a Dusk Dubs mix on its own. When Jah Shaka played this in full the atmosphere would palpably change, the soaring vocals carrying the attending Rastas to ever greater spiritual heights as Shaka praised Jah and chanted peace, love and understanding.


Jah Fire Will Be Burning  - Hugh Mundell (J&F 12") - Mundell possessed one of the greatest sufferer’s voices of his time and rarely to more effect than over this heavy, brooding rhythm. Pablo’s mix on the dub is exemplified by stunning use of percussion floating over the heavy bassline.


Mama Dub - Ras Muffet (Forward Roots 10") - Few producers have mastered the multi-layered dub sound perfected by Lee Scratch Perry as well as Ras Muffet. Ras Donald pleads for understanding of his conversion to Rasta and dread appearance as the rhythm is turned inside out, evoking the audio equivalent of wading through a murky, boot sucking swamp.


Man Of The Living - Wayne Wade (Yabby You 7") - Yabby You was responsible for some of the deepest roots to come out of Jamaica, here lacing slightly out of tune melodics over Wade’s beseeching vocal to throw the ear off kilter, engendering it with an other-worldly quality which resonated deeply with his marginalised ghetto audience.


One In A Billion - Luciano & Dub Syndicate (Lion & Roots 7") - Luciano is one of the few modern Jamaican artists who can rightly claim to follow on from the greats such as Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs. This pairing with Dub Syndicate featuring members of  Roots Radics underpins his stunning vocal with a beautiful rhythm from Adrian Sherwood’s ON-U camp.


Solomonic Dub - Bunny Wailer (Solomonic 12") - Another Jah Shaka classic. Here the vocal side beloved or roots devotees is replaced with the dub version, if anything even more meditative and hypnotising than the flip.


Storm - Gregory Isaacs (Mr Isaacs LP) - Gregory had a style more suited to dub versioning than almost any other singer. His laconic vocalisation centred on an ability to deliver each line at the last possible moment, fooling the ear and slowing the vibe, drawing out the tune to a deceptively lazy sounding delivery that many have attempted to reproduce but few have succeeded.


The Creator - Aisha (Ariwa 12") - Stalwart of the UK dub scene Mad Professor shows his absolute quality on this track, another one later to be sampled by The Orb. Aisha’s crystal clear, hymn-like vocal lifts the never ending rhythm to even greater heights.