This week we have a selector that we've been chasing for a long while. Due to his many projects, we've only just managed to nail him down. Adam Element has been a producer and DJ for a long time, music focused around Techno and House, but always leaning on the more minimal and creative aspect of the sound.


He is currently head of music at the impressive Modu Heart in Manchester, where their events have been met with great acclaim. For their upcoming AFFIN showcase on 29th August, they are bringing over from Berlin, Affin Records' boss and figurehead, Joachim Spieth, and from The Netherlands, Affin artist Keith Carnal for a very special and intimate night, with pre parties involving both Joachim and Keith giving people the opportunity to experience them in a closed studio setting of only 50 people, which will be streamed live (via A.LIVE), building up to the well-crafted main event at Element 19. All of this just further showcases Adam's energy and attention to detail when it comes to music.


AFFIN Showcase Info HERE

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In addition Adam and the Modu Heart team have a Remix pack out in early August, which will be downloadable from the Modu Heart website ( The original track is a corker by Zefko, called 'Blueberry' with 5 remixes for download. We could talk for a lot longer about all the things he is involved with, but for now, let's let the music to the talking.


This is a mixtape we can't wait for you to hear.



Find him here:



Here are a few words from the man himself….


This selection of music represents my personal after hour favourites that never fail to set the mood of the environment whether it be 3pm or 4am.  There are tracks by some of the greatest dance acts of all time as well eclectic and diverse artists showcasing beauty and emotion through a downtempo medium.


Some superb vocals are included at different stages and along with the harmonies, never fail to caress the senses of the listener.  They will take you to a very pleasant place you can revisit again and again.


The collection as a whole is timeless and the songs consistently remind me of the people, places and attitudes that introduced me to downtempo music and grooves.  These are some of my all time favourites. 


Now i’d like you to kick back, relax and enjoy.





1. Protection / Cassius 4:00

2. Dark Souls (Feat. Cecilia Stalin) / Unforsce… 5:30

3. Don't Lose My Mind / DJ Koze 4:36

4. Low Sun / Chicane 4:26

5. Any Contest / Beat Knowledge 5:22

6. Small Time Shot Away / Massive Attack 7:59

7. Sola Sistem / Underworld 6:27

8. Hayling / FC Kahuna 6:48

9. Love Life / Fatboy Slim 6:59

10. Pillar 13 / Groove Armada 4:49

11. Over And Over / Morcheeba 2:21

12. Flip Ya Lid / Nightmares On Wax 5:26

13. Parabens / Marcos Valle 5:45

14. A Little Soul / Pete Rock 5:26

15. Original / Leftfield 6:23

16. Age Of Loneliness / Enigma 4:08

17. Voyager / Daft Punk 3:50

18. Church / The Detroit Experiment 5:27

19. The State Were In / The Chemical Brothers 4:29