This week we're off to the Southern Hempishere where we find Mat Hoods, previously living in Manchester for 10 years and now living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Whether it was his mum's, or his Uncles vast collection, Mat grew up surrounded by vinyl. At the age of 14 his ears were opened up to different sounds such as the Pixies, The Cure, Nick Drake, Fela Kuti, Ali Farka Toure and alll kinds of cool and interesting new sounds. At the same time warehouse/rave parties were poppig up all around the Blackburn area - to young to get in.... but that didn't stop him experiencing the soundtrack to this movement via dodgily recorded cassette tapes. Mat would go on to study

radio production, developing his skills via turntables and reel to reel recording/editing. Then Exit Planet Dust came along and it all changed from there. Musically he always kept his ears open, "I don't like to say I play this or I play that. If its good I will like it. Listening to those chemical beats, Coldcut's Journeys By DJ's, Double Dee & Steinski, The KLF even Jive Bunny FFS! haha it was how they were putting stuff together, taking bits from here and there and making something immense from it".


After some early productions with his good friend Matt (who still make music together under the 'Automats' guise) , they formed a small dj collective called The Hoodlum Tribe, hosted many a good party and eventually set up a website. After the tribe disbanded, Mat joined The Purple Radio rosta and also started a show in Australia on which he did for a couple of years.


As well as Mat's radio presence developing... so did his production. Eventually landing the 1st release - The Automats ‎– Guardian Angel (PLIMSOLL 001) on the outstanding and highly recommended Shoe's ... sub-label Plimosoll Records. Followed by the Pass Me By 12" (PLIMSOLL 006) and with more in the pipe line... Mat's currently working on his own productions and edits, and has just completed a new remix for a UK based label (all hush hush at the mo).  He currently has a radio show called 'The Future Sound Of London Street' in New Zealand on Rotten Radio based on London Street in Lyttelton, it only has a 1kw Broadcast range but should be online in the not too distant future.


As you can see from the above, Mat's musical pedigree is unquestionable and we are extrememly fortunate and blessed to have him selecting for us this week..... so prepare yourself for a fantastic personal journey in Dusk Dubs sounds from Mr Mat Hoods...



Find Him Here:



A few words from the man himself….


I was honoured to be asked to submit to the awesome Dusk Dubs series so cheers for the heads up! Given the opportunity to present something without having to worry about the mix gave me the chance to dig a little deeper and stop worrying about being so in time all the time. So I did, and all the tracks I have chosen represent that 'have a bit of a slow down and relax once in a while kinda vibe'. Lots of wave noises going on in a few of these tunes, influenced in no way whatsoever by living by the sea.


So yeah hope you enjoy this mix, the first Dusk Dubs from New Zealand?


Sweet as bro.





1. Nick Drake - From The Morning

2. Frederic Galliano And The African Divas - Bko Dkr

3. Rise - Message To The Architects (Part 1)

4. Mop Mop - Kamakumba

5. Paqua - We Came Far

6. Incarnations - Make You Mine

7. Cantoma - Pandajero

8. Michael Franks - Amazon

9. Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness (Quiet Village Remix)

10. Takuya Matsumoto - Drafting Under The Stars

11. Montauk - Ned

12. Olefonken - Ubuntu tutu

13. Zig Zag - Le Prophete

14. Brothers & Sisters of L.A - Lay Lady Lay



1. Nick Drake - From The Morning -I decided to open the mix with this beautiful track from Nick Drake’s final album, Pink Moon.  Such a beautiful song…


2. Frederic Galliano And The African Divas - Bko Dkr -Taken from the criminally underrated album, Frederic Galliano presents the African Divas. A slow building slice of ambience interlaced with field recordings, the result of four years travelling round Africa with a portable studio. Go seek this album out.


3. Rise - Message To The Architects (Part 1) - Mancunian beat maker, Evan Jones dropped this on the Futuristica Music label back in 2008. A lovely crossover of Jazz and Hip Hop beats sounding like it was straight out of Japan.


4. Mop Mop – Kamakumba - I love this track so much, German Afrobeat Band Mop Mop with a lush mix of Afro and Caribbean sounds then those horns. Oh yes…


5. Paqua - We Came Far -Quite possibly my new favourite band. Of course being released on Claremont 56, its almost a guarantee of excellence but this track is just catchy as. Who needs pop music?


6. Incarnations - Make You Mine - On a similar vibe to the last track, not my usual pick from the album but makes a nice change. Released on Lovemonk back in 2010 still getting regular play outs on my radio shows.


7. Cantoma – Pandajero - Taken from Cantoma’s self titled debut LP. This is how you Balearic.


8. Michael Franks – Amazon -“Inside my dream, I hear the jungle parrots scream. Just me and you, alone in our dugout canoe…” Enjoy this little trip down the River with a great Brazilian vibe. Taken from the 1983 album Passion fruit.


9. Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness (Quiet Village Remix) - An incredible remix from Quiet Village. Seaside noises, double bass and soaring strings. Proper orchestral production that you will fall in love with/to.


10. Takuya Matsumoto -  Drafting Under The Stars - Japanese Deep House music with a Brazilian groove. Subtle and sublime. Goes well with poultry or fish.


11. Montauk – Ned - You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a run of the mill edit at first glance. However, Montuak has taken Ned Doheny’s Give It Up For Love and created a masterpiece. Clocking in at over 10 minutes and adding a ton of production, just wait for that piano to kick in.


12. Madala Kune - Khono Thwele - Off the 1996 album, Kon'ko Man. This song just encapsulates joy. You can tell by how excited the percussionist gets. And who ever kept pressing that random synth key… 


13. Zig Zag - Le Prophete - This awesome slice of sleezy French Canadian disco was taken from Zig Zag's self-titled disco masterpiece, thankfully reissued in 2009. Full of cosmic synths, soaring guitars and seagull noises. Winner.


14. Brothers & Sisters of L.A -  Lay Lady Lay - And wrapping it up with The Brothers & Sisters of LA with their stunning take on Bob Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay. Originally released in 1969 and more recently reissued by Light In The Attic Records.