This week we have another incredible guest on Dusk Dubs Mixtapes. Joey Fehrenbach has been of a musical mind since a very early age, and it shows in his mixes and productions. Music is a beautiful tool to use when expressing emotions, protraying feelings and creating ambiences. Joey's ability to do these things so incredibly, is a perfect indicator of a man who has lived and breathed music his whole life. Joeys productions have been loved and played by many incredible artists such as Sasha, Digweed and notibly, Nick Warren who featured 2 of Joey's tracks ('Being Around You' & 'Behold') on his massive Global Underground 030 : Paris.


There are numberous reason as to why we felt important to ask him to select for Dusk Dubs, but the main reason was we knew we'd get a stunning journey through sounds. We knew his soul would be in the music he chose, and we thank him for that.





Find Him Here:


[PHOTO CREDIT - Geoffrey Wilcoxson]






1) Global Communication – 14:31


2) Helios - Bounce Dive. One of my favorite "pretty" tracks.


3) CBL - Photosynthesis. I love everything Ultimaereleases, so I had a really hard time narrowing this down to one track. The World of Sleepers album is currently being remastered and I'm really looking forward to it.


4) Orbital - Belfast. I got this album on tape (yes, tape!) back in the day and I was absolutely in love with every single track. However, Belfast was the song that showed me electronic music could be thought-provoking and beautiful.


5) Faithless - The Garden. This is pretty much a total departure from the Faithless sound, but it's perfect. I wish they had done more stuff like this.


6) Jon Hopkins - Circle. My favorite Jon Hopkins track. The man is a musical genius.


7) Air - So Light is Her Footfall (Breakbot Mix). I'm not a huge Air fan, but I absolutely love this remix. It's so groovy and well done. Everything just flows and the production is so warm.


8) Trifonic - Forget. So this isn't a dub track and it probably shouldn't be in this list since it doesn't fit the format, but I love it too much not to include it. It's sad

and beautiful and produced so incredibly well. I really wish I could just hang out in the Trifonic studio for a day and watch and learn.


9) Koan - Crying Prozerpine (Blue Mix). I'm surprised Koan isn't more well known. They consistently produce these huge lush tracks that get stuck in my head for days. I would absolutely love these guys to do a remix for me at some point.


10) Arsenal - Melvin (Compuphonic Remix). This is THE song I listen to put me in a good mood. Just listen to it and see if you can manage not to smile.

Out of sight, out of mind, as we bend the heartache back in time, till we dance again up in the sky.