This week we are very pleased to welcome RoldE to the Dusk Dubs family. We have been bouncing off him for a few months now, so he is someone we have been very keen to get a selection from.


RoldE heads the impressive Traffic collective based in Manchester, who are a music and arts collective with contributors that span the country and beyond. With Traffic, RoldE promotes new and unheard talent, their YouTube channel in particular is an incredible place full of amazing music, with many artist that you may not have heard of but you need to get to know.


He is also a very accomplished producer, singer, song writer, in fact we are discovering new talents weekly and there is so much yet to be revealed we are sure. RoldE also rolls with Modu Heart, who's focus is on bringing artists together from across disciplines and time-zones forming a collective working, towards a modern, minimalist aesthetic. This sounds deep, but when you get to know RoldE and the people he surrounds himself with, it makes perfect sense as you see a real energy and endeavor for quality.... to not settle for less and to strive to succeed in things that they hold close to their hearts.


These, plus many, many more reasons, are why we at Dusk Dubs feel blessed to have connected with RoldE, and we strongly recommended that you get to know him, Traffic and Modu Heart via the links below.


If you love Dusk Dubs, you will love him and what he is all about. Peace!



Find Him Here:

Skatingonthethiniceofmodernlife BLOG




Here are a few words from the man himself.....


For me listening to music is a totally informative experience, is an unconquerable source of inspiration and ideas for my own creations. But of course it's more than that, it's a source of joy.


With my duskdubs podcast I wanted to provide an example of the cause and effect of my listening process and for this reason I've put in some of my own creations along side the sort of music that lead to their synthesis. Sadly, this meant that I limited myself to electronic music and means the selection isn't representative of my musical taste as a whole but it should give some insight into the kind of artist I aspire to be. It's also important for me to note that I chose tracks for the purpose of listening at home and in their entirety, something which I think we sometimes lose in the dance scene. I hope that they follow on from each other somewhat and I tried to include different styles and textures, highs and lows to aid the listening experience.


I'd also like to thank the Dusk Dubs team for asking me to prepare the list and for expertly producing the mixtape.






1) Shirley Bassey - The Other Woman (RoldE Remix)

2) Trentmoller - Deceive (Unkwon Remix)

3) Kaito - I'm Leaving Home

4) Route 8 - The Sunrise In Her Eyes

5) Dauwd - Take Four

6) FaltyDL - Do Me (Bruk Mix)

7) Burial – Unite

8) Laurel Halo – Out

9) RoldE – Syncopate

10) Recondite – Serak

11) Kontext - Refracted Man

12) Sagat – Body

13) ENA – Symbiot

14) Aphex Twin - aisatsana