Once again it is our pleasure to bring to you another amazing selector to Dusk Dubs mixtapes and this week we welcome the producer Asphalt Layer. For those that are unitiated with the sounds of Asphalt Layer - he comes fully formed from the cosmic mind of Dusk Dubs very own Tommy Harrison. Deeply rooted in atmospheric worlds, that combine sub-aqua, thick oceanic bass with rhythmic elements of stripped down percussion, his audio journeys take the listener on an hypnotic, intoxicating soulful voyage which break through the boundaries of Techno, Ambient, and Jungle.


No better evidence of these imaginary worlds can be found in his latest collection of original productions and remixes, found across 5 EP's and wonderfully complemented by the artwork of Wilson Logan - all still available to buy from his Bandcamp page.


In addtion to his original productions, Asphalt Layer has appeared on both the 'Deep Diversity' compilation by Deep Electronics with his fantastic remix for If I Had a HIFi - 'Reviver' (Asphalt Layer Remix)', and his 'Judah RD' production for the 'Deep Selection' compilation for Axaminer Records. There's also been podcasts for Traffic MCR and Byte.... all highly recommended.


Soon to be released will be Asphalt Layer's first long-player....  (Check Bandcamp for all the upcoming information).


All this explains why we very excited to have his mixtape for Dusk Dubs.. an amazing expedition into the sc-fi depths of the underground... 


As the man says "I make noise and sounds, I hope it inspires" .... well this mixtape certainly does... enjoy.it..s inspires"



Find Him Here:



Facebook.com/Asphalt Layer






Here are a few words from the man himself.....


For my debut Mixtape, I wanted to reflect what the Asphalt Layer Project is about for me, and bring that into this amazing world that is Dusk Dubs.


I think the main thing with music, is that it's so important not to just scratch the surface. Not even to go just a little deeper. For every album or EP you find that blows your mind, there are 20 more with that same wonderful sound by artists you've never heard of. Go hunting, search the socials, speak to people, spend time on Bandcamp. Finding rare and unheard music isn’t a way of proving you are better than others. It's important as firstly, there are so many talented producers out there that are lost in the noise that is mainstream, and they need your support so they continue to make wonderful music, but secondary, your collection will become a much happier place to visit.


Dusk Dubs has always been a platform for people to share the back of their crates, I hope I have done this amazing collective proud with my choices, and that everyone enjoys the Sci-Fi sounds that make me tick !


Peace and Dusk Dubs….


Asphalt Layer.




1) Squarepusher – 4026 Melt 3

2) Therap – Fragmento VIII

3) Heavenchord – Rhythm & Sound

4) Sublogic – We Came in Peace

5) 1977 – Cefe

6) Der Denker – Septem

7) Solfegiu – Ulei De Ciuperci

8) Roadsbeaf – The Monster

9) Deadbeat – The Elephant in the Pool

10) Fingers in the Noise – The Last Barrier Reef

11) B12 – Static Emotion

12) F.U.S.E – Slac

13) Cosmin TRG – Interstellar Inflight Entertainment

14) DFRNT – Cruise

15) Addison Groove – It’s Got Me

16) Terrorrythmus – 40h (Llyphon Remix)

17) Meier & Erdmann – Cyborg’s Ambiguity

18) Basic Channel – Q1.1 Edit

19) Asphalt Layer - Mobius Feedback Loop