So thats a wrap...  52 volumes of Sunday mixtapes released for YR-02. To mark this anniversary, we thought we'd remind ourselves what Dusk Dubs is all about.... Music, connecting with sound people and sharing good memories and positive vibes. So, a couple of weeks ago we asked the Dusk Dubs family, both listeners and selectors, to pick one record from one mixtape from the last two years of Dusk Dubs, and tell us about it.


"Why did that record make your hair stand up on end ? Did it introduce you to a new world you didn't know about ? Did it transport you right back to a place that is special in your soul ?"


Of course, the family came through with over 50 amazing selections posted to us. So, after many heated discussions by the team, we painstakingly got it down to 21 tracks.


Here it is, our 'Birthday Edition' selected by your good-selves.


A massive heart-felt thanks to each and every selector and listener who has got involved in the last year, we at Dusk Dubs continue to be motivated and inspired... See you in YR-03 .... Peace X.





1) Little Dragon – Twice (Selected by Skeleton Army from General Camel's DD0235 - "I love hearing a track on a Dusk Dubs mixtape that I haven't heard for years but the real joy for me is discovering new music that I might never have heard otherwise. DD0235 from General Camel was full of these, including a real gem, 'Twice' by Little Dragon. I loved it as soon as I heard it, downloaded it the next day and can't stop playing it. A great DuskDubs find. Big up Cam.")


2) Bangers R Mashed (Vol. 1) ~ Healing In Vain - Selected by Mark Boo from Nibber's DD0139 - "Nearly fell over when I heard that for the first time, such a vibe and 2 of my all time fave tracks.")


3) De La Soul - Buddy (Native Tongue Decision Version) (Selected by Demodulated from DJ Monita's DD0130 - "I used to listen to this tune on cassette in grade 5 on a compilation called Rap Traxx 3. Memories of playing tag, sugary juice boxes, and video arcades".)


4) Guru – Lougin (Selected by DJ Remedee from Harrison's DD0202 - "From my favourite hip hop artist of all time, setting up year 2 a treat.")


5) Rae and Christian - Swimming Pool (Selected by DJ Charge from Original Gidman's DD0101 - "The reason for this is that this tune was an old favourite that I'd forgotten about. U reintroduced it to me and in that instant got me hooked on the Dusk Dubs vibe. The first 4 tunes on the mix I wasn't that familiar with, the 5th took me back in such a way I rewound the mix and listened with completely different ears. There might be better tracks across the Dusk Dubs series, but that was the one that made me want to be part of this movement. Big Up.")


6) FSOL - Far Out Son Of A Lung (Selected by Micky Stirrups from  Lovingdjing Andy's DD0219 - "My parents were a big influence on me musically and brought this home one day. Up until then a lot of the music I'd heard had conformed if you know what I mean. I was only 12. It showed me a completely different way of thinking about songs. I went out and bought everything I could under all their aliases and I'm still trying. I don't think I'll ever complete that mission haha.") 


7) Låpsley – Dancing (Selected by Bartissimo from Depoeism's DD0239 - "Hit me like a train when I listened to that week's selection - little bit different to what's "normally" on - if there's such a thing.")


8) Danmass - Happy Here (Selected by Mat Hoods from Original Gidman's DD0205 - "Beautiful tune and yep, it reminds me of Kes too !")


9) Jamie XX – Far Nearer (Selected by Reece Danns from Skeleton Army's DD0228 - "The steel drums just take me away back to school days, always loved the sound of them drums.") 


10 Bill Withers - Who Is He (And What Is He To You) (Selected by Original Gidman from Danny Mac's DD0108 - "Oh my dayz... those heartfelt lyrics and that chugging bassline.... when this dropped in Danny's mixtape - it took me right back to my days at Gilles Peterson's 'That's How It is !' club night at Bar Rumba. Where I got to hear Soul/Funk/Jazz on a proper sound system - there's is nothing quite like it. Great Times, Great People and Great memories..... Thank you Danny.")


11) Transit Kings - The Last Lighthouse Keeper (Selected by Danny Mac from Original Gidman's DD0111) "For 6 mins and 31 seconds it lets you into another world.")


12) Link – Arcadian (Selected by Depoeism from Flatliner's DD0215 - "Thought about this long and hard. My favourite track has got to be Arcadian by Link. Just love the vibes this particular track gives me. It takes me on a journey , getting lost in the ever changing moods. From zoning out to being uplifted again.")


13) Orbital - Belfast (Wasted Remix) (Selected by MacMonkee from  Twindad's  DD0221 - "Took me right back to the Eclipse in 1991, getting lost in the lasers with that funny feeling in your stomach!")


14) The Orb – Fussball (Instrumental) (Selected by Harrison from DZG303's DD0117 - "It was the 1st time I heard this sort of dub/chug/techno sound in a record so perfect. I needed it, it sort of joined the dots in my mind. Discovered a new field to dance in.")


15) Rufus & Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody (Hallucinogenic Version) (Selected by General Camel from Nibbers' DD0139 - "This track is an absolute BELTER and it transported me right back to a few wicked nights I had at a night called the "Electric Chair" in Manchester. The Electric Chair was held at the Music Box (I think) and has now become a Legendary night put on by the Unabombers. I'd gone through the amazing era of raving from 92 onwards and I never felt I'd experience anything like that again..... I was wrong! This club was like starting all over again.......Vibes were off the hook!!!!!")


16) Space Dimension Controller - Transatlantic Landing Bay (Selected by Linda Graham from Original Gidman's DD0111 - "I just love the track.... Slick and funky. Simple as.")


17) Pepe Braddock – Deep Burnt (Selected by Flatliner from Jay Cee's DD0201 - "One track that I had not heard in a long while but it sounded as good as ever, if not better was the excellent 'Deep Burnt' by Pepe Bradock. A timeless piece that most people would find hard not to like.")


18) Synkro & Indigo – Guidance (Selected by 10inchpress from Flatliner's DD0140 - "I love when a track stops you completely in your tracks. When Michael Flatliner Errity selected this - it was incredible. Still is...absolutely mesmerising..")


19) Foul Play - Music Is The Key (Omni Trio Remix) (Selected by Twindad from Skeleton Army's DD0152 - "Just a fantastically emotional tune for me. The Dusk Dubs tune that makes my hairs stand up no matter where I hear it..")


20) Hyper On Experience - Lord Of The Null Lines (selected by Soundaffected from Artikal LDN's DD0206 -"Can't say enough about this tune.")


21) Skanna - This Way (Selected by Hypnotic Jazz from Om Unit's DD0207 - "Pretty much sums up a golden era of music for me, and it was on the first Dusk Dubs volume I listened to when we first linked. Classic! .")