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1) One Day I'll Fly Away - Randy Crawford

2) Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb

3) Enigma - Principles of Lust

4) The Sun Rising - The Beloved

5) Olive – Your Not Alone

6) Always - Bent

7) Eternity - Orion

8) Dead Can Dance  - Opium

9) Bird of Prey - Fatboy Slim

10) Drifted - Groove Armada

11) Oh Punjab - Karunesh

12) Southern Sun - Paul Oakenfold (Solarstone Chillout remix)

13) Offshore - Chicane (Ambient Mix)

14) Bedrock  - Beautiful Strange



One Day I'll Fly Away - Randy Crawford: Part of the American Jazz singer's 4th studio album titled - "Now We May Begin" (1980). This song is forever etched in my heart as a toddler, my older sister used to play this record countless number of times. Some years later, when I was all grown up, the lyrics of the track put a burning desire inside me, to get away from a closed in conservative city called Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, in the eastern part of India. Those hell! I gotta get out of this town moments and see the world tune :) And think Nicole Kidman did a version of this song some years ago for the movie Moulin Rouge.


Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb: This track epitomizes a monster ambient offering, a true beauty. Trippy, skippy and if you didn't listen to Orb back in the day, then I wonder which rock you've been living under. Suffice to say, this release in 1990, assuredly confirmed my space in the non commercial dance music scene forever.


Principles of Lust - Enigma: This 1991 release as part of Enigma's album "MCMXC a.D" was revolutionary to say the least. The entire pack made a great impression on my young mind, that took me to other soundscapes, other than the usual dance music. A breath-taking offering from Enigma, to put it simply.


The Sun Rising - The Beloved: My tune of 1997 has to undoubtedly feature this UK band, to put it simply, it's the one you could swoon to, sway to, close your eyes to.


You're Not Alone - Olive: This British No.1 hit, from Olive's debut album "Extra Virgin" captured my heart, forever. The wistful lyrics, of this low key trip-hop number is classic and classic, predominantly cause of it's graceful melody, rhythmic ornamentation that makes it one of the most memorable releases of all time. Right on top of what one would call an entrancing production.


Always - Bent: This track evokes wistfulness and showcases a sample snippet of 'Always In My Heart' by Norrie Paramour And His Orchestra.More than anything, it's unique. Not very many people can make a song like this.


Eternity - Orion: My dearest uplifting Trance track of all time, on German label Incentive, this chilled version with those blissed out tinkles of Piano and Sara J's soulful vocals. Man, heaven!


Dead Can Dance - Opium: Who can dispute the beauty of this band and the musicality they bring. They can really wake something subliminal inside from you. And so they did with those albums that is worth all the gold of the world. "The Serpent's Egg and "Anastasis". Enough said.


Bird of Prey - Fatboy Slim: Encapsulating all of my 20's, in to one song. Then this is it. From getting low to Hip Hip and singing nearly all R&B hits, this one somehow, made a big impression on me. Paving a road to more alternate music, marks this as special. Moreover, the video of this track, was path breaking in many ways.


Drifted - Groove Armada: This tune, apart from being part of "Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub", according to me, is the band's best album to ever come out. It's different, cause I was stumped by this pumping new wave sound, like no other.


Oh Punjab - Karunesh: Real name Bruno Reuter has such an amazing personal story to tell. He is the epitome of a world musician for me. This is the track to get goosebumps on, if you can understand the meaning of the words, which is a mix of Hindi and Punjabi. An all time favorite.


Southern Sun - Paul Oakenfold, Solarstone Chillout remix: No doubt that my years of growing up got shaped by Oakie's musicality, I fell in love with Trance largely due to his presence in the dance music world. But this song, reworked by Solarstone, I hold close to my heart. So poignant, so full of hope and so beautiful.


Offshore - Chicane, Ambient Mix: Growing up to Chicane, loving their music came easy. But this track stands out in all, cause of the melodic angle, I am a sucker for melody. Where there's melody, there's soul. And this slowed down ambient mix just does it for me. One of the coolest offerings from Chicane that time.


Beautiful Strange - Bedrock: A timeless classic, I fell in love with this tune not only cause it's from my favorite label in the world, but cause I remember playing this one, every morning after, of every hectic weekend and this would uplift me, make me ready for another night those years when I lived in Nepal, Kathmandu in 2001. I used to manage a nightclub there.