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As always, thanks to Dusk Dubs crew for letting me put together another dig in the crates.  Also a huge shout to Si Rage who gave me my break on his radio station and inspired this selection. 


Last time I put something together for Dusk Dubs I was working under my production name of Niccolo Machiavelli.  I put together a collection of tracks around the theme of atmosphere, lots of beatless stuff.  This time I’m going in under my new production moniker of Jarque, and have stepped things up a bit. 


Many years ago I used to DJ under the name of Submerge, I played out a fair bit in Oxford, Milton Keynes and London and ended up playing on one of the finest London pirates, Keen FM.  The music policy was Hardcore and D+B, and I crafted myself a niche playing the more “Intelligent” side of things.  Shows would always go off piste though and take in Choppage, Drumfunk and Techmospherics (how’s that for genre bashing?!).  So when I was asked to put together a second selection for him I instantly thought about drawing for some old music that used to set my show alight every Thursday.


Some of these producers were one hit wonders; some were firmly established in the scene and continue to do what they do.  Most of the music comes from the late 90’s to around 2004-2005 and if you can find it these days you will be lucky.


So here’s why I’ve stuck in what I have:


1.Skeema – Shoot my Life – Proper intelligent D+B to kick off, a really nice pad and that haunting vocal always used to get me.  This track sounded so good on a club system.


2.Nemos – Kuues Meel (Aural Imbalance Remix) – I remember first hearing this and just feeling blown away.  The breakdown that kicks in around 4 minutes makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


3.Lee and Gwange – Too Deep – I first heard this when it was sampled on an old Dope Dragon track, so it was a pleasure to hear it in its full glory.


4.Orange & Blue – Tranquillity Drift – I used to listen to this every morning without fail taking the Central Line to work at 6am. 


5.Seba + Paradox – Move on – I remember around 2005 or so the hordes at Drum and Bass Arena forum going mad for this track, on first listen I was floored!  The processing on the vocal kills me.


6.Funky Technicians – Airtight – First piece of D+B vinyl I ever picked up.  Possibly my favourite D+B track of all time.


7.Omni Trio – Beyond the Fundamental – The pad and drum programming are perfection.


8.Aural Imbalance – Secret Motion – How the hell he programmed the bell sound that comes in at 3:10 or so I’ll never know.


9.Break and Hydro – Immaculate – I remember hearing this out, the bass rattled my chest like few other tracks ever did.


10.Funky Technicians – Sound Trak – If one track sums up the whole “Intelligent” scene, it’s this one.


11.Matizz – Grace – This track didn’t leave my (virtual) record box for years.


12.Nu Tone – Heaven Sent – The most commercial track on here, probably a bit Liquid, but again the vocal processing just gets me.


13.Dragonsword – Time to Realise – I remember discovering Blame’s 720 Degrees label and it just ended up as buy on sight.  This one was a free digital give away and was such a low press, but with a bit of EQ it sounded mental.


14.Cable – Ice Mines – Slowing it down a bit before taking it up, this is a really good melodic track.


15.Electro Soul System – Dreams – Andrey’s first ever track I do believe?  The man who blew up and released on Hospital and all over can do no wrong.  From a production point of view the sound he gets at 0.23 always got me.


16.Alpha Omega – Chasing Dragons – One of the Reinforced don’s finest.  The drum programming is on top!


17.Usual Suspects – Killa Bees – I remember finally buying this, the massive H from Renegade Hardware on the sleeve.  Remember proper record sleeve design?  The money they must have spent on design and print alone!  If you ever heard this on a system, you just know.  I remember hearing Trace play it at the End and the place went absolutely mental, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it.


18.0=0 – Running – Just listen to it and try and work out how he programmed all of that.


19.0=0 – Awake – Same as above really, the production values are just on another level.


20.Steve C and Monita – The Razors Edge – It feels strange to be “friends” with Monita on Facebook, yet in the early 90’s when I first heard this on Unity FM (88.4, 88.44444 Unittyyyyyyyyy) it sounded so alien I used to image who would have made something like that, and how?  Was it a Bond villain or some alien warlord on another planet?  Well turns out he’s a sound bloke, and he made some of my favourite tracks from the early to mid 90’s.  THIS IS JUNGLE!